Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Find respect in your heart.

Since last few days, the media is ablazed with the news of a Muslim family for not standing up in the theater when national anthem was being played on the screen. As a punishment, the family was argued with till the point they were detained out of the hall.

I find it hard to understand the matter on focus here. The family was detained because they belong to a different religion or they showed (according to other audiences) disregard to the anthem? I guess a bit of both however I am nudged to write my views here. In a single clean shot, I believe what that muslim family did was right and what others did was utterly wrong. Why? Because...

  • National anthem does not ask for any sort of obligation. Whether you are seated or standing straight up, it will be respected if your heart respects it.
  • It's a matter of choice. Just standing and bowing at the last line does not show that you are a true patriot. 
I remember our honorable prime minister giving speech to Indians residing in USA on one of his recent political visits. At the start and as a part of ritual, the national anthem of America was played and while the citizens of USA put their right hand on their heart, our minister did not follow the same. Should he be detained right then and there? Now can you see the insanity of the pivotal point of the issue? To make my point more valid, the High Court recently declared there is no need to stand during national anthem when being played.

The matter of focus actually got sidelined. No one bothered to think about the way that family was mistreated amidst the crowd. Was it human? Was it correct and not demeaning that specific family? Should respect be restricted only to the boundary of our national anthem?

Let's not make our lovely national anthem a burden. There is anyway no point in playing it right before a movie starts (which may contain traces of obscenity, nudity, violence, smoking, drinking, and the list goes on in your head). If we can see all of these without a single protest from others, if we are not nudged to the exit despite of them being the source of bad encouragements then why disregarding a family like this? I see movies in theater and when the anthem is played, not everyone in the audience stands up and pay *respect*. Some choose to sit and continue staring at the screen treating the anthem just like other commercials.

It is good to be intolerant but it must be done on valid points. Please do not go berserk over much-hyped concept of intolerance at any random meaningless stuff.

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