Tuesday, 22 December 2015

December 16th, 2012

The following poem I have created is inspired by the pain and humiliation I feel upon the release of the accused juvenile in Nirbhaya Rape Case. He walked free just two days ago and with his every free step, our hopes and trust for the justice is being crushed beneath it. The poem is a way to show the downfall of humanity happened on a particular date.

December 16th, 2012
Does the date shake you well??
It was the day when she was assaulted
It was the day when we all went dead
By humanity, humility and morality
Where six stood hovering
and one laid pleading.

Talk about the brutality of the act
It can make you an instant deaf;
She fought, she tried and begged teary eyed
But no eyes were there to entertain
and no ears to tend to her pain;
If anything at all was there 
It was humanity at monstrous break
that put her life easily at stake.

Now that he walked away free
Smiling, laughing too may be;
You'd think he was the one behind the bars
But as it turns out, only if you think
It was not him who outlived the punishment
But us who were at pyre
to face the consequence so dire!
Now our dreams lay burnt
and hopes for justice lay bare
He has chewed on our bones 
And now we stand with no backbone.


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