Thursday, 19 November 2015

The brooding night.

As the night approaches,
I recoil into myself
Starin' hard through the darkness
Got a glimmer of s'thing priceless.

After so many days, sun erupted 
Out the womb of dark hazy clouds
The world looked celebratory
While I sat at the edge of my balcony
Soaking some warmth in its glory;

Day can be different
May be sunny, dull or bright
But the night stays the same
Brooding, frowning, contemplating
And stubborn with its determination. 

Let the world sleep and the storm in me too!
Let the world dream and a li'l piece of me too!
Sun will rise again, with a deafening strike
But it's not the iridescent day m scared of!
It's also not the night that catches me off guard!
But it's the thin space in between
Which is invisible and most unwanted
That's the time I'd never want to be planted.

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