Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Silent accomplice.

So today I received a package from Flipkart with three brand new books in it (I have ordered around 10 books from the site during the recent Big Billion Day and I am thankful to Flipkart for selling them at awesome rates). Needless to say, nothing could entice me more than getting hands on new reads. I picked one and am about to start it right after this post.

I vividly remember my first novel. It was of Shivani's Mayapuri. It is a Hindi novel and Shivani is known as one of the renowned authors in Hindi literature. Sadly she is demised now but I loved Mayapuri! More than that, I was envy of the female protagonist, Shobha. Shivani has sculpted her so beautifully that I didn't want to see mirror for sometime. I was very little that time but I can still feel how much I had wished I could be Her! It is nothing but a success to the author. While reading, I had felt the deep connection between Satish and Shobha and was joyous and sad going through the journey of their lives. Then I read, as far as I can pin point precisely, Five point someone by Chetan Bhagat as my first English novel. I liked it. It was almost 8-9 years ago but I had enjoyed the narration.


Time has changed and now I have moved on from having a handful of books to a big library. I take pride even just by looking at it. The collection has yet to grow bigger but it gives me a satisfying stare. It is wonderful to have a silent companion; who can be with you wherever you go or whatever you do. Books are one such accomplice to me. I enjoy their company. The world is anyway there to work according to its own ways which may be very disappointing sometimes. Having a silent ally is as wonderful as licking an ice-cream or playing your favorite instrument. No words is exchanged yet everything gets said just the way it was supposed to.

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