Sunday, 18 October 2015

Please carry bags from home for grocery shopping.

Yesterday we were at a grocery store for weekly shopping. When we get billed, we realized we had forgotten to bring our jute bags from home. We have a habit of getting bags with us to any such shopping to avoid consumption of extra plastic bags. But standing at the till, we came up with a solution. We took frozen items in a small plastic bag to carry along while requesting the food store to deliver the rest (which they always do in cardboard boxes). I was relaxed to save three-four plastic bags. While the salesperson was filling up the boxes with our stuff, a written plea on a wall pulled my attention. It said -

Bangalore is trying to get free of plastic bags. We also encourage you to bring your own bags from home. If failed in doing so, we will anyway assist you by providing plastic bags at a nominal cost.

This was the essence of the whole message. I wondered at the contradiction here. Usually small plastic bags come at Rs. 3/- and bigger ones at Rs. 4/-. If food stores are really this much willing to get the city rid off plastic bags, why would they be providing the same at nominal costs which customers can always afford very easily? Consumers will hardly be thoughtful about procuring bags from home and won;t hesitate in buying new ones from the store.

Reusable bags such as jute and paper
ones are a good option.
It troubled me. I said to the salesperson about increasing the charge to sincerely avoid using of plastic bags but much to my amusement, he stayed nonchalant about it. It wasn't big a surprise 'cause I know. Sticking useful messages over the wall is easy while instilling the same thing in life is rather difficult.

I did what I thought could help our mother earth. The same I want to do it here. I also urge you to get bags for grocery shopping from home and please please stagnate the usage of plastic bags. Jute bags, other reusable and paper ones will be a better and safer option. We are doing no one a favor but ourselves.

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