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Kanyakumari - A trip to remember Part 2

The howling chilly weather has prompted me to relive our recent Kanyakumari trip again. Read its first part to enjoy better : Kanyakumari - A trip to remember Part 1

So in the evening, we covered Swami Vivekananda Kendra and Our Lady of Ransom Church. But first about the Kendra. It was twilight and a bit drizzling when we entered into it and went straight to the exhibition where the whole life of Mr. Eknath Ranade (please click the link and read about him. He is a very inspirational person) is put on show. Even his own bed is also there. It was a surprise and good to see how Kendra has managed to preserve it till today (thankfully woods do not rot over time and sheets can be washed over and over again). Mr. Ranade was the ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda's principles and ethics. It is because of his next-to-impossible efforts that the Swami Vivekananda Kendra and Vivekananda Rock Memorial came into existence. The whole premise of the Kendra is quiet. The serenity it has to offer is like a magnet which only pulls you to nestle for longer. We browsed its mess too. The Kendra also runs school from Nursery to (I guess) 12th standard and kids live inside Kenra only.

During the exhibition

Let me hold his finger to guide myself through
the crests and troughs of life. A 3D photo of
Eknathji Ranade

Pointing at Kanyakumari. One slip and we might
fall out of India's map ;)

If you wish to stay there

Another ardent follower of Vivekananda

We both look good together. What say?

It was a wonderful experience at Kendra. We even did a good deed there. Not going to say it out loud because good deeds are only to be kept in secret {Am I on the way of becoming a great person or what? ;)}. Then we had our dinner at the mess only. It was simple and not with much options. Anyway we strolled through the Kendra's 100 acres premise. Some pics :

I am scared of this one nevertheless it was
my idea to click it.

Above click was my idea, if you admire the pose. And then we moved out only to cover the second spot - Our Lady of Ransom Church. It is a big white and a very very beautiful church. It was my second visit to any church. 

A portion of its outer surroundings. Overall, it is worth a visit

And then we got back to the hotel and slept peacefully. The second day was way better and interesting than the first one. On the next and last day of our trip, we had to cover Swami Vivekananda Rock Memorial anyhow. So we got up early ditching to sun rise sight and got in line at around 6.45 AM. The queue at this time was again a big one and was crawling like a giant caterpillar. After around two hours of waiting (I wasn't bored though), we got the ferry tickets and finally made it to the memorial.


I can not just explain how wonderful and peaceful it was just being there. There were a lot of tourists hovering here and there but one look at the restless sea and the light blue sky, you can easily flirt with some fun and the quietness. We bought a souvenir from the shop. The memorial is ridiculously neat and clean. Kendra people manage it really well. I loved being there! Being at the memorial is my favorite memory during the entire Kanyakumari stay. Due to some low tide (???) reason, ferry was not allowed to Saint Thiruvalluvar Statue (adjacent to the memorial). Thus, no conversation happened with him and me. I missed it though. 

We got back to the city (by ferry again) at around twelve in the afternoon. By this time, major attractions were covered except one - Kanyakumari temple. We did our best to cover it quickly but long queues again held us for an hour. One thing I found in this temple very strange. (With all due respect) Male devotees have to go with their upper body completely bare! I mean to say no shirt/t-shirt and no vest also. Such ritual turned out fairly bizarre and rather offensive because male and female devotees have to approach Kanya devi (the goddess) in the same queues. No special provisions for female devotees. The entire room was filled with bodies smelling in verity which was a great displeasure. While walking through the queue, no one can also escape certain embarrassments such as bodies brushing against each other causing the unpleasant friction. It was highly annoying for me. (and then people chant about respecting women) I was kind of upset by it. Still am. 

Anyway we covered it somehow and finally left for Bangalore. All in all, I liked Kanyakumari. But it needs to be cleaned, especially the sea beach area. Government with the honest alliance of citizens and policemen can do the job effectively, only if it is willing to do so. 

So this is it! The trip is relived again. Finally I feel good after a silent day. :)

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