Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kanyakumari - A trip to remember Part 1

October 22nd. Time: 5 AM

We left for Kanyakumari. It was a journey of almost 13 hours (as we had anticipated) but we were anyway jam packed with enthusiasm, excitement and a hope for having a great time. As it was early morning, we thought the roads would be deserted enough to help us save some travel time but no! Bangalore is hardly asleep even at 5 AM! Got stuck at traffic jam on some road and one hour was wasted there. Finally it took us two hours to get out of the belly of the city. The morning was very beautiful but behaving as a stupid person, I spent most of it in sleeping (in my defense, I was awake since 3.45 AM while had slept at 1 AM the previous night). So could not seep inside the serenity and shine of the sun much but when I was awake , I surely clicked some pictures. Some of them :-

Sun rays...always a good thing

A marvelous piece

I had to add my importance with a selfie :P

Happy pillion rider

This was at one of the toll booths. Kinda looked like a sausage

Liked this one. At one cross road.

See! How rays have anchored the earth and held together the sky

Carved just for us!

Till lunch, trip was going great but the moment my hubby called up the hotel for a formal conversation about our arrival {the one we had booked in advance via ClearTrip (CT)}, time started to tear apart. Hotel people said our stay was postponed by CT guys and when he called up CT, they said it was done by hotel guys. The whole scenario was quite stressful and we had a very difficult time in going through the conversation with CT customer support over and over again. They are not as supportive as they sound. We could easily reach at 3 but because of a lot of talking, stress and no solution to finding another accommodation, we reached at 5 in the evening.

When you enter...

It was Dushehra (a festival). Thus, it looked almost entire India had come on vacation. Finding a good accommodation proved a search equal to finding an invisible needle in a hay stack. Struggling for about 1.5 hours, we finally found a good hotel (well, it was just an average but in our condition it looked a fair deal). The day was almost wasted. After refreshments, we went to the beach and it added another pile to my disappointments. It was good to be there but dirty enough to shorten my stay. We wandered around for sometime before we retired for the day. It was hardly 7.30 and we were already in our hotel room. Tiredness and stress had taken a fair toll on us. Well, the festival was more of a mixed bag of surprises this year. I have no complaints though.

Next morning, we left early to sight sun rise. It was a big cloudy weather and I knew sun wouldn't be coming out so soon. Done some selfies and got clicked just to make a good use of time.

Behind is Vivekananda Rock Memorial accompanied by Saint Thiruvalluvar statue

One has to take a ferry thing to approach those two monuments situated on the sea but as I stated earlier, the whole India was there on vacation making up a realllyyyy looonnngggg line to get the ferry tickets. We ditched the idea and went to Mathur Aqueduct (nestled amidst nature and around 50 kms away from Kanyakumari). It is also called Hanging Bridge. I don't know why because it is basically settled on pillars. See for yourself.

@ Mathur Aqueduct Hanging Trough/bridge
Taken from the internet. Quite narrow.

It's a b'ful place!

But the bridge is very interesting. It is narrow and I enjoyed walking over it while my hubby and son were scared. Well, what to say if I am the bravest in my family? Lol! The bridge place is less explored and was good to be there but it was a hot weather. Didn't allow us to linger for longer. So we left and decided on the way to cover the ferry thing for rock memorial and statue but it was again a long line. So we again ditched it only to catch it up next morning. Before retiring for the day, we covered two more places (Kanyakumari is a small city you see) but you gotta wait! For the Part 2. Till then, stay tuned to some good music and books.

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