Thursday, 15 October 2015

Digital Amnesia.

A few months ago when I was gone to a movie-plex, I dropped my mobile by mistake. When I turned it, the screen endured a horrible web of crack. I was horrified because the device was new then and seeing the cracked screen anyway brings panic. I went on checking its touch sensitivity and other applications and much to my happiness, almost everything worked just fine. Movie was superb by the way.

Reading an article in the newspaper half an hour ago reminded me of this incident. It is about Digital Amnesia causing the panic, loss of memory and a long bout of stress, if you have lost or cracked up your device (say mobile) leading to its non-functionality. I too was panic stricken that time. Later on I got my mobile repaired but the stress it had caused me still tickles me somewhere. I suppose I too underwent this adequately coined phase called Digital Amnesia for a brief moment.

Technology erases memories.

This is called an amnesia because losing a device means losing out on a bountiful of memories such as phone numbers, other contact details, loss of ability to update social apps and what not. The writer of the article (she has written it superbly) indicates that while we live in an advance age of digital media, we have become more prone to memory loss. Sounds contradictory? Right? It goes like this - For any information, we rely on internet blindly. We can get anything we want but simultaneously, we are losing out on the habit of remembering and recalling things on our own. This pretty much adds up to the fact that despite of getting advanced everyday, we are actually becoming dumber. This is called The Google Effect.

But for a taste of my relief, I am better than those people mentioned in the article. On losing mobiles, they could only memorize one contact number while I can recollect (let me count) six! Yes. I can recollect six contact numbers out of my phone book. But let me not brag about it. I still need to be smart. After all, I also use google everyday making me more prone to go under its effect.


  1. This is a very important article considering the present day and circumstances.
    Many a times I am dumbfounded when I see youngsters reaching for their calculator (in their mobile) to do simple arithmetic which can be done mentally. Even simple a multiplication like 350x4
    Searching for an answer in Google also may not give you the right answer. As it just lists down all the entries made on the subject by any individual.
    Another thing is, I don't get perturbed by the red underlines when I type. (its mostly American spelling) If I am really in doubt, I reach for the good old Oxford Dictionary which I still refer time to time.


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