Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Kanyakumari - A trip to remember Part 2

The howling chilly weather has prompted me to relive our recent Kanyakumari trip again. Read its first part to enjoy better : Kanyakumari - A trip to remember Part 1

So in the evening, we covered Swami Vivekananda Kendra and Our Lady of Ransom Church. But first about the Kendra. It was twilight and a bit drizzling when we entered into it and went straight to the exhibition where the whole life of Mr. Eknath Ranade (please click the link and read about him. He is a very inspirational person) is put on show. Even his own bed is also there. It was a surprise and good to see how Kendra has managed to preserve it till today (thankfully woods do not rot over time and sheets can be washed over and over again). Mr. Ranade was the ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda's principles and ethics. It is because of his next-to-impossible efforts that the Swami Vivekananda Kendra and Vivekananda Rock Memorial came into existence. The whole premise of the Kendra is quiet. The serenity it has to offer is like a magnet which only pulls you to nestle for longer. We browsed its mess too. The Kendra also runs school from Nursery to (I guess) 12th standard and kids live inside Kenra only.

During the exhibition

Let me hold his finger to guide myself through
the crests and troughs of life. A 3D photo of
Eknathji Ranade

Pointing at Kanyakumari. One slip and we might
fall out of India's map ;)

शून्य और ओस.

दूर बहुत दूर कहीं चले जाना है 
जहाँ न हो आसमां का साथ 
और न हो सके धरती से बात 
बस मैं रहूँ और रहे एक अनंत शून्य 
जहाँ शब्द ही न रहें गुनगुनाने को 
हो तो बस एक चपल मौन आज़माने को। 

सोचूँ यही तो मुस्कराहट सी आ जाती है 
आसमां तैर रहा ऊपर और धरती फिसल रही नीचे 
फिर भी उनके अस्तित्व को नकारते हुए बंद आँखों से 
ख्वाब देखती हूँ कुछ अजीब अनसुने 
अजीब ही सही पर हैं तो मेरे अपने 
बस जी सकूँ उसी शून्य में खुद को समेटे। 

कहते हैं - जीना यहाँ और मरना भी यहीं; 
चाहत है तो बस ढूंढ पाऊँ उस ओस को 
जिसकी निर्मल चमक से आँखें खुल जाएं 
जिसके तरल स्वाद से मन शांत हो जाए 
जिस शून्य की तलाश आज भी यूँ जारी है 
काश मिल जाए इन्ही चाँद लाइनो के बहाने से। 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kanyakumari - A trip to remember Part 1

October 22nd. Time: 5 AM

We left for Kanyakumari. It was a journey of almost 13 hours (as we had anticipated) but we were anyway jam packed with enthusiasm, excitement and a hope for having a great time. As it was early morning, we thought the roads would be deserted enough to help us save some travel time but no! Bangalore is hardly asleep even at 5 AM! Got stuck at traffic jam on some road and one hour was wasted there. Finally it took us two hours to get out of the belly of the city. The morning was very beautiful but behaving as a stupid person, I spent most of it in sleeping (in my defense, I was awake since 3.45 AM while had slept at 1 AM the previous night). So could not seep inside the serenity and shine of the sun much but when I was awake , I surely clicked some pictures. Some of them :-

Sun rays...always a good thing

A marvelous piece

I had to add my importance with a selfie :P

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Silent accomplice.

So today I received a package from Flipkart with three brand new books in it (I have ordered around 10 books from the site during the recent Big Billion Day and I am thankful to Flipkart for selling them at awesome rates). Needless to say, nothing could entice me more than getting hands on new reads. I picked one and am about to start it right after this post.

I vividly remember my first novel. It was of Shivani's Mayapuri. It is a Hindi novel and Shivani is known as one of the renowned authors in Hindi literature. Sadly she is demised now but I loved Mayapuri! More than that, I was envy of the female protagonist, Shobha. Shivani has sculpted her so beautifully that I didn't want to see mirror for sometime. I was very little that time but I can still feel how much I had wished I could be Her! It is nothing but a success to the author. While reading, I had felt the deep connection between Satish and Shobha and was joyous and sad going through the journey of their lives. Then I read, as far as I can pin point precisely, Five point someone by Chetan Bhagat as my first English novel. I liked it. It was almost 8-9 years ago but I had enjoyed the narration.


Time has changed and now I have moved on from having a handful of books to a big library. I take pride even just by looking at it. The collection has yet to grow bigger but it gives me a satisfying stare. It is wonderful to have a silent companion; who can be with you wherever you go or whatever you do. Books are one such accomplice to me. I enjoy their company. The world is anyway there to work according to its own ways which may be very disappointing sometimes. Having a silent ally is as wonderful as licking an ice-cream or playing your favorite instrument. No words is exchanged yet everything gets said just the way it was supposed to.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Pyre of Memories.

One moment you are happy at facebook
or gleefully watchin' Quantico;
The next thing you know 
you are lost somewhere far away,
somewhere in a naught
where you find a burial
of dreams, hopes 
or even trust!
how funny it does sound?!
what you considered a bond once
turns out was a cheer at the funeral.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Please carry bags from home for grocery shopping.

Yesterday we were at a grocery store for weekly shopping. When we get billed, we realized we had forgotten to bring our jute bags from home. We have a habit of getting bags with us to any such shopping to avoid consumption of extra plastic bags. But standing at the till, we came up with a solution. We took frozen items in a small plastic bag to carry along while requesting the food store to deliver the rest (which they always do in cardboard boxes). I was relaxed to save three-four plastic bags. While the salesperson was filling up the boxes with our stuff, a written plea on a wall pulled my attention. It said -

Bangalore is trying to get free of plastic bags. We also encourage you to bring your own bags from home. If failed in doing so, we will anyway assist you by providing plastic bags at a nominal cost.

This was the essence of the whole message. I wondered at the contradiction here. Usually small plastic bags come at Rs. 3/- and bigger ones at Rs. 4/-. If food stores are really this much willing to get the city rid off plastic bags, why would they be providing the same at nominal costs which customers can always afford very easily? Consumers will hardly be thoughtful about procuring bags from home and won;t hesitate in buying new ones from the store.

Reusable bags such as jute and paper
ones are a good option.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Digital Amnesia.

A few months ago when I was gone to a movie-plex, I dropped my mobile by mistake. When I turned it, the screen endured a horrible web of crack. I was horrified because the device was new then and seeing the cracked screen anyway brings panic. I went on checking its touch sensitivity and other applications and much to my happiness, almost everything worked just fine. Movie was superb by the way.

Reading an article in the newspaper half an hour ago reminded me of this incident. It is about Digital Amnesia causing the panic, loss of memory and a long bout of stress, if you have lost or cracked up your device (say mobile) leading to its non-functionality. I too was panic stricken that time. Later on I got my mobile repaired but the stress it had caused me still tickles me somewhere. I suppose I too underwent this adequately coined phase called Digital Amnesia for a brief moment.

Technology erases memories.

Friday, 9 October 2015

It's Never Too Late on Kindle

So the Kindle version of my book, It's Never Too Late, is just out. Have a look and read it on your Kindle (I wish I had my own to get the feel but it's all okay) and share with your family, friends and acquaintances as much as possible.

It's Never Too Late Kindle

I am glad about it. Finally the book is reaching out to more and more people. A big chunk of gratitude to my publishers, friends and family. Hope the book keeps doing well in coming years as well.