Friday, 11 September 2015

You can not own the world.

Apart from my swing and the balcony in my house, I love the terrace of my building. It is conjoined with the rest three blocks and makes up for a big uninterrupted space. I love it! Where the rest of the world go downstairs and chat, I prefer to run to my self-declared castle of freedom and do things that I intricately like, like drinking my tea, listening to music and reading my books. The absolute silence and hovering beautiful sky make up for two perfect companions. Yeah! I am a person totally unfit to this world :)

But this evening, my castle was raided and I sat helpless while reading my novel. There were a few people standing at a good distance from me. They appeared to be involved in what seemed like a fun conversation but with every raised pitch, I grimaced nonetheless I was down looking at my novel. With their fun unclear chattering, it was a little difficult to rather concentrate on reading but I kept my head digging deep between the pages though. Sometimes you feel you do own a place when no one crosses it for a long time. You feel it belongs to you as much as you belong to it but the moment someone does it, you feel like it is a cheating. A total unfair thing! I may call it those few people trespassed in my territory and much to my displeasure, I couldn't sue them but sit on a small stone trying harder to read the interesting lives of Jordan and Kasey. It was a very unsettling feeling that now people know about my secret castle of freedom and they may dare to pop there anytime they like.

Someone has said it rightly. You can not own the world. In my case, I can not own the terrace but I wish I could.

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