Thursday, 10 September 2015

Why should boys have all the...burden?!

As I sip my green tea, here is the post which was supposed to be written last month (August) but as time gets ticked, I tend to get lazier and lazier. Thinking it's never too late, let me pen the thought here finally.

Well, in August fell Rakshabandhan (an Indian occasion where sisters tie rakhi on their brothers' wrists. This is done in an attempt to receive protection and forever love from brothers but these days, expensive gifts come along too. BTW, I too received such a gift and that is why, I love my little brother more now *wink*). Me and my best friend were discussing this ritual. She has two little daughters and a very cute ones on that note. I asked her whether her daughters miss for not having a brother. Her reply amused me and altered my perspective regarding the occasion altogether.

"I don't believe in a shit that for protection and love, a brother is required. A sister can provide it too. I make both of my daughters tie rakhi on each other's wrists and get them understand its value and meanings. Whatever happens, they will love and protect each other always. And for this, they really don't need a brother."

I smiled broadly. She instantly changed my view. It is so true. Isn't it? Why boys should have all the....burden of protection and promises? Why male members of the family are bound to protect their siblings? A sister can do this too! Because a girl is as strong as a boy. Thus, hats off! My dear friend. You perfectly played the role of a great teacher.

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