Thursday, 24 September 2015

Tremors stronger than any earthquake.

A few days ago when I was working on my story in my writer's nest, I heard a child's cry. It was sudden and a very unusual cry. I stopped typing for a second thinking it might belong to my wing but when the heart-wrenching sound continued, I had to stop writing completely. By now I was sure the cry did not belong to my community. It looked as if someone was beating a boy kid mercilessly and he had got nothing but to cry and bawl in return. It was coming from some house very nearby. I saved my document and ventured to the balcony to see where the commotion was coming from. I observed it came from a house almost adjacent to our society boundary. I sighed because the child's cry was too much to bear. Usually nothing can make me move when I am at work, absolutely nothing (except a natural disaster) but that gut wrenching sound bore stronger tremors than any earthquake.

I wrapped a shawl around me and went downstairs. I moved along the house to confirm again. I heard the same sound. I called for my society security and told him to knock at the house window and get the lady stop. He hesitated. I understood. It was not our matter at all! But I stood stubborn, refusing to back down. The kid's cry was twisting my heart with enormous pain and I was writhing with it. I had to stop it. A few more people gathered around but no one dared to knock at the window. Fortunately, one lady came in the front balcony and right in front of us. The distance between us was pretty less and we could easily talk. I started.

"Hi! First of all, I am very sorry because this is not my matter but I have been hearing a kid's cry from your house since a long time. Seems someone is beating him severely. Can you please make it stop?"

The lady stood in mild amusement. She certainly had not expected anyone to react on her house matter like this at all. But she was adamant, said,

"See! This is not your matter. Why you are bothering us? My kid does not listen to me and always comes with no class work done. He is also extremely poor in making his homework. I cannot think of doing anything else to him"

Of course, I was shocked but kept it to myself. I smiled and said,

"I know what you are talking 'bout. I am also a mother and my kid also does the same. He also reminds us of his project at the last minute but beating is not a solution. If you want to make your kid understand, use words. Be verbal! But do not, in any circumstances, hit him this much. This may lead to his extorted mental status" I pleaded with my most sincere voice.

But she was one of her own kind. Still repeated the same story and threw her hands in the air in helplessness. I realized she was not willing to work on the issue. She just behaved like any uneducated housewife who does not know how to behave in unfavorable conditions or at least, how to treat a child. I sighed but tried once again. After all, I am also one of my own kind.

"It's your house. You can do whatever you like but it's my humble request not to beat the child anymore. The sound is severe. I could not work at my home and had to come down. Eventually kids understand but if they don't, beating has never been a solution. So please stop this and try to sort the situation with calm and gentle words. Thank you."

I said and came back to my house. I was still apprehensive whether there would be any impact of my efforts. I waited for sometime and thankfully, the sound had ceased. I was now at peace. I prayed for the kid and went back to my work.

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