Monday, 28 September 2015

Respect others' time.

In my view, time is not money. It possesses a greater worth instead. When utilized with skill and efficiency, a lot positive can be done just in an hour but if not treated well, hours can drain in futility. That is why probably, everyone says, respect your time.

And I might dare to add - As well as others'! Time does not run differently for different people. It runs on the same wheels for every one of us. It is the track that we create for it and then it runs its course differently. For me, time is timeless, nothing can match its power, capability and healing essence. So I dutifully respect my time but when others do not, it hurts. If you have made a promise for a meeting, movie, studies, shopping, workshops, classes etc. to someone else, please appear on time. People do not have extra minutes to spare just because you are low in communications or helplessly ignorant. Emergencies can also be shared if not right away but surely after a short while. But make it a point to not to break your promise. It is very important.

Mind it!

Assume you are waiting for someone, sidelining every other work and that person does not show up on his will. He also did not care to convey his inability to make it to you. Wouldn't you be irritated and appalled? Every inch of your time was wasted because you waited while the other person preferred to make a good joke out of you.

If you respect your time, do it doubly for others. You will earn triple love and quadrupled admiration in return. Return is huge in exchange of a simple investment. Don't you agree?

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