Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Book Day.

Today was considerably a different day for me. No. I did not turn into a super model this morning. Still a simple girl with big dreams. I had been reading a novel since last few days. This morning, it came to an end. The way it breathed its last was a bit unexpected but enjoyable. A smile wretched onto my face after reading it. Any book lover knows that books tend to fly you high with different imaginations and beautiful intriguing characters. The same happened with me. I was reading Tonight and Always by Nora Roberts. Story is not much of an extra-ordinary read (a simple movie like plot) but the way Roberts had ended felt good.

Somehow after finishing it, I was pleased and decided to spend whole day doing nothing but just reading. I even created a writer's spot at my home to please my reader self. Have a look. Then I spent the rest of the day reading different novels. It felt so good that I called the day My Book Day; a day when I can do nothing except reading my favorite authors. And it felt sumptuously great!

Well, I liked the make over of the space. I pushed some furniture here and there and arranged a low-seating space. I usually love low-seating arrangements! They feel different and creative to me. With my arm chair bean bag and few other stuff around, I was really elated. Big cushions proved to be great comforters. I even had my lunch in that dark pink colored bowl you can see in the picture. I also went on Flipkart and added a new lot of books to the cart. Also, went to Amazon to check on Kindle and discovered new Kindle Voyage and now in a complete mood to buy it. It'd be a wonderful addition into my life. I don't think once I get my hands on Kindle, I would be able to live without it. Anyways, let it come first.

Altogether, it was a beautiful day I spent. Felt better in terms of health so went on the terrace for a few minutes. Cool wind brushed past me and forced me to leave early than I had intended. With dinner done and a blog post written, I feel content as well. The day, after all, had been worth.

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  1. Nothing like reading a book which has a good ending.
    Like the seating arrangement. Sitting with the feet up (or atleast on buttock level) is good on the long run for the legs.


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