Monday, 14 September 2015

Forgive when you are ready. If not then don't.

I just logged into my email account and found a mail from a motivational website covering this - Why to forgive people you hate the most. You can click to squeeze some sanity, only if you prefer.

Admit it! We all have either one or a bunch of people whom we truly hate from the bottom core of our hearts. And it doesn't come any easy to just forgive and move past them. Reminding myself to act sane and being human, I clicked on the link just to see whether the reasons covered on the website could purely justify my own. Some of them did for sure. For example - forgive for peace of mind, better health, because you are better and all that similar stuff. I agree! Forgiving someone of their misdeeds does bring a hell lot of peace to the mind, relives stress and thus, resulting into a good health.

But again, it is easier said than done. Some bruises stay exposed and keep scathing themselves as time ticks by. It does not matter how much time has lapsed since they have come into existence. Those bruises just refuse to die. They stomp deeper denying to diminish their morbid presence despite of the bright sunlight of happy times. Every time you remember them, you will find them breathing as subtly as they had just occurred a minute ago. Their sunny side will always be up to tease you with their never-ending prickly shine. Some bruises, some bitter memories or a cruel part of destiny simply cannot be removed just for the sake of achieving a good health or in order to become a better person. One can easily refuse to be a better person on such fronts. Because the hurt, the pain those bruises have been causing can be very unsettling at times. You may curse the person, or the destiny or sometimes yourself (even if you were merely a victim), for being a part of all of it. But no matter what you do, some portions of memory walls can never be buried behind the thickest of bricks and with most promising cement.

To be able to forgive, however, I know is rising above the average. Some people are just not ready to rise up to a higher level. May be the hurt people have caused them are heavier than the light synergy of soul-uplifting.

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