Tuesday, 29 September 2015

But only if we learn to Shuffle.

The same old playlist
I have been listening to
The same old songs
I have been enjoying, true!
Got bored, got irritated
Thought to switch
'N make a new list;
But I stopped at Shuffle
A feature I never used
but time to get it screwed;
I put it on
With the same old list
With the same old songs
And believe me, my dear!
It worked wonder!
With the unexpected
I enjoyed better ;
Came to think 
Life is also an old playlist
With the same old routine
With the same old twists
No turns are new
nor any dish special to chew!
But only if we Shuffle it
and then press Play in it
and then pause for a moment,
we might get the same routine
but with unexpected beauty!
Days will be brighter
and nights will be shinier
But only if we learn to Shuffle
and then play the playlist;
Stop fretting over!
Pause peering over!
Just stay back and relax
Chill and have a crack
Of life or a joke may be,
but just stay back!
Get that hammock
If you need it to be;
Tryin' to outrun life
I don't say is very wise;
It's better to lose
and call up a snooze;
Wake up with unusual mornings
Sleep with romantic nights,
With stars to gaze and
sun rays to bathe;
Make the new with the same old brew;
Just stop playing the same old fashioned way
and let life shuffle it for you in a better way
Do it! and then tell me
Whether you felt the new tickle comin' you the old way.  


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.