Thursday, 27 August 2015

A flight of memory.

Writing a book can be so overwhelming sometimes. It can get you on an edge. Literally! On some days, it works. Like I keep writing and writing until my fingers start to hurt like anything but on the other some days, nothing just works out. You are not blacked out and all that but you just can't be in the writing cocoon of yours. These latter days, it hurts. Also fill you with guilt in every passing moment. I watch movies on TV or TVD on my laptop but nothing just clicks as righteously as my writing can. Currently I am writing this post while having my lunch - a big bowl of milk-cornflakes. Yeah. I tend to skip lunch sometimes. Not because I am on some diet but because this is the way I am. I live by my own rules and terms and conditions. I make them and break them as per my convenience.

I remember writing a scene for my book. All the main characters are in the house and it is quite late. Two of them volunteer to make tea for everyone. The girl makes the tea while the boy starts piling up the plate with biscuits. And this was the moment which happens rarely but when it does, the author or the creator of it feels nothing but soul uplifted. As the girl and the boy continued with tea and biscuits, I felt them so close to me that a soulful smile broke my face. I felt...I can't define it in words though but let me felt surreal. The beauty of it got me awestruck! I felt so glad that I could find my characters' closely around. In short, it was a lovely sensation. I loved it! So that's it for today. A short post, a good memory and a smiling me...this is all what you expected here. Isn't it?

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