Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The space in between.

It can't get better
the love we share
the quotient we created
and smiles we blare;
How time has passed
and has come to standstill
when nothing can be said
and everything beckons will;
A will that never had me
An urge that has challenged me
was it you or just me?
that tortured ripples underneath me;
I no understand the face 
nor the warmth in between
but always felt your presence
whenever I needed something serene;
Gone are the days when we used to play
tickle, touch and gaze
beautiful they were though
and deadly charming I amaze!
I miss those moments
but I miss You more!
do you feel the same way?
have no say if it is a 'No';
Yet I wish you a bountiful of happiness
with luck, success and ticked wishes
smile and smile a little more
'cause you dazzle which I deeply adore. 

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