Thursday, 9 July 2015

The ghost and the message.

As I dipped my biscuit into tea, my maid and I got to start talking. She told me something strange that looked equally enticing as my cup of aromatic cardamom-clove infused tea. She told me that back at her native, a morbid situation has been occurring since last one and half months. Someone knocks at the doors at night and calls upon a family member's name. And if that particular member replied in any means, he or she would immediately face bloody vomit and die. So far, around 25-30 people have died because of this strange calling, including nearby villages too. Now the villagers suspect the culprit is a ghost and now no one dares to open the door at night.

I raised my eye brow. I was stopped short with tea dipped biscuit in my hand. I probed further. She explained while cleaning the vessels. Now the villagers have resorted for a solution. Now each family writes Kal aana (which means 'Come tomorrow') on the main door. The ghost reads it every night and never knocks at the door considering the message. I was baffled. So far, the ghost or whatever it is seems to be educated. Plus, he or she looks like an obedient person who follows the message. I wondered if the message is powerful enough to send him away, the villagers could also write - Kabhi nahin aana (which means "never come back'). And bang! Problem solved.

Keeping thoughts to my head, I told her it is all rubbish and someone might be playing some prank. People could die because of some other reason/s but they are picking up for a rather strange issue. She said she is afraid now and can not manage to sleep at nights. She indeed looked a bit scared to me. I tried to shove her baseless fears away and instill some courage but I don't think she is able to let the issue go away just like that. This will take time and hopefully, the myth about the ghost will come to an end someday.

I was amused because of the story. It reminded me of a similar story happened at my native years ago. But at the end, the culprit found was a stupid man trying to scare people away. Anyways, it is interesting to see how people fall for such stories as my maid's. In my opinion, no living person is playing culprit here but the scarcity of education. If people are educated enough to distinguish reality v/s myth then situation would simmer down up to a great deal.

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