Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The epic hour.

I cannot express enough gratitude to my little sister who led me to watch Stories by Rabindranath Tagore on the channel Epic. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, 5 PM to 6 PM is reserved (it's a repeat telecast hour). I make my tea and enjoy the epic hour with epic tales by Tagore along with some biscuits. These tales are directed by renowned Bollywood director, Anurag Basu and he has given an enchanting touch to Tagore's pen. The music, ambiance, characters, sartorial choices, dialogues, expressions, beauty...everything is so beautiful yet so normal that anyone can easily get lost in them. The introductory music is the best, in my view.

An interesting moment happened with us this evening and I shared it on my pages as below:

What goes around comes around.

A suiting example happened when my sister and I conversed over phone today. As we both love watching Stories by Rabindranath Tagore on channel Epic, she remarked something like this...

"He (Tagore) wrote all these stories almost a century ago yet they look so normal and in a perfect sync to our lives. How come this can be possible?"

I said, Well! Good stories bind you not because they are extra-ordinary but because they are so ordinary that you can almost look yourselves into them; that you can always find some of your lives' bits into them.

And she agreed. Isn't it true? By the way, watch Tagore's stories @ Epic and enjoy some of the greatest stories written by an epic author. For details, internet is always at your service. 

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