Wednesday, 22 July 2015

The buzz of life.

Sunday. 19/07/2015. 8.45 AM. Received a call from my neighbor asking when I am supposed to go buy vegetables for the upcoming week. I was sleeping like a coma induced person. Opening one eye and simultaneously looking at the clock trying to figure out the meaning of blurred vision, I said, in one hour probably! She ordered me to take her along too and that's how my Sunday morning a sudden rush. 9.40 AM - Got out together for grocery shopping, had breakfast outside ending with a delicious and rather a bitter taste of filter coffee. The weather Bangalore is sprouting these days is just seductive and can only be satiated by the rich bitter aroma of filter coffee. Or, that's where my taste lies!

The reason I am writing this post is, that yesterday I came to know that Bangaloreans are opting for late dinners aka early breakfasts. And in a king size! On a broader scale, this means, city people are waking up really early only meaning to hit breakfast joints to enjoy a king size meal. No wonder I was also a part of this madness last Sunday. There are services getting provided to take this frenzy up to an entirely new level and everyone is just lovin' it. A noteworthy service among them is Bum on the saddle. They provide people a bicycle run of several kilometers with few pauses in between for breakfasts before hitting the paddle again. It looked a bit bizarre to me but since when human beings have developed a taste in sanity?! So this particular service is getting popular and more people are getting fit by hitting the paddle along with rounds of steaming breakfasts.

Sometimes we also do it. In weekends when there is nothing in the house for breakfast, we go out for a lonnggg drive just to honor the morning ritual of breakfast. Sitting inside the car, I try to figure out shapes of clouds in the sky. Look at the people with verity of faces with even more variations of expressions. Stare at road sides to spot something to shop. Eye mischievously at love struck couple/s and try to feel the warmth snoozing between held hands. Trees, vehicles, bridges, fly overs, traffic signals, honking, relaxing, cool breeze, breathing, smiling, potholes, smooth roads...almost everything starts to shape itself in a different shadow in my head. A tiny anecdote - During one of these morning rides, I was looking at the sky only to realize that it literally resembled a river with ripples but only upside down. See! That's how a writer's imagination grows munificently. I love giving a different face to things despite of their appearances.

I can feel you are also tempted to come and join my city. Well! You are welcome but only if you have some energy to contribute to such morning dramas and rendezvous.

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