Sunday, 26 July 2015

Go back in time.

I am sitting in my room since half an hour and have been fighting the killing urge of writing since then. but to write something, one needs a topic or a point of view. Fortunately, I got one. It is to travel back in time and relive some beautiful moments through my beloved Blog.

With more than three hundred Published posts and eight in Drafts, I get considerably a large boundary past which I can go and enjoy the old times. Going through old posts, comments, memories behind those and the onset of several unwritten anecdotes made my time valuable. I smiled as I went through each comment. I got to relive the happiness while replying to every single one of them. In the process, I observed how I had forgotten some of my old posts and their contents. It was very surprising! But not a wonder too. Because time fades away some memories of writing pieces. I was also surprised that I have written posts on a single topic, twice. For example, I have written two posts with a topic on how giving away compliments can make your day but of course, with different perspectives. One is really an old blog post while the other is recently written but there are remarkable difference in contents. This showed how our perspective and experience get fed over time. Wisdom too may be.

I also get to analyze the subtle nuances in my writing. Earlier my posts used to be very long but now, they are rather short. Maturity now seeps more profoundly in my words and that's despite of not having wisdom tooth yet! How wonderful is that! :) Some posts are funny like this one

Did I do anything wrong?

This one is rather unusual but I still find it a lovely piece.

A state of nothing.

Following is a poem which still holds true waters.

The journey of a woman

And there are many more blog posts from my shelf that are interesting and thought provoking. Sometimes I wonder if I wasn't into writing then what else would I be doing? Because writing is so amazing and elusive too. My blog helped me today to rejuvenate some old memories and wipe clean them so that I could enjoy my old self in their shine. Try it, if you own a blog or a journal or something similar to that. They say - One can only move on when he leaves the past behind. But sometimes, in my way, one can move on only when he learns to befriend the past.

Wait! Isn't this a remarkable piece of wisdom. Oh my! I seriously am on the way of becoming one of the most memorable future writers of the world. Wish me luck! :)

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