Monday, 27 July 2015

Don't tell me a poem.

Don't tell me a poem that rhymes with every word
don't tell me a tale that ends on a winner's note
Instead, tell me something that I can see myself into
Something that can catch my eyes off drowning waves;
Also, tell me it is okay to have a disease
it is okay to not to be at ease
it is also okay to stress eat
while everything sinks down very deep;
Gone to doctor, gave the tests
now fearing what comes next?
with gritted teeth and worn out nails
I fear what I am goin' to hear;
Just tell me everything is okay
just show me life is still a bouquet
of roses, lilies and chrysanthemums
With an ally of thorns
which only accompany and do not hurt anyone;
I just need a bed of hope with two pillows 
that hugs me and help me to grow
one pillow of a shimmering insight
and other of a playful journey;
Give me these or turn me invisible
so that I can go and find a time zone
with everyone there yet nobody cares
and I breathe with a delightful glare.

1 comment:

  1. Thats it .... one of a shimmering insight
    and other of a playful journey


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