Friday, 31 July 2015

Being an extrovert.

An extrovert, in my view, is a person who has taken freedom of speech jargon a little too seriously. In short, extroverts can talk! I am also an extrovert, ready to talk any given minute of day (or night) and also do not hesitate to talk to strangers. An extrovert can be multifaceted too as in along with being talkative, s/he may cover other qualities such as writing, painting, sports, or any talent which let the person open up more. And not to forget, speaking or giving talks. This might be the most favorite thing to any extrovert's endearment. So being an extrovert can be really interesting because:

Limitless talking.

Sometimes I wonder how much I can talk! It is not a question but rather an acknowledgement of the vast competency I possess for talking. Talking seems to let extroverts out with things they want to say and not only in one or two sentences, I dare add. When being around with an extrovert, be ready to listen a twenty lines reply in exchange of a one liner question of yours.

I wonder why there is an option for Mute.

No secrets.

When talk in bulk, secrets are bound to slip away. Extroverts talk with a big bucket of words in mouth which can end up with sharing some of life's tit bits they did not intend to share. But this may not be the case for every extrovert. Some extroverts are smart enough to talk for hours and yet to keep their secrets in the sack.

Rack of talent.

No. I did not mean lack of talent. Extroverts can hugely be a rack for talents. They can have such wonderful qualities/competencies in them to show which can make anyone go blind with jealousy. Because being equipped with the ability to talk, you hesitate less and reach out more and thus, end up in acquiring something usually unique than the others. I possess writing skills plus I have done numerous things in my past that makes by curriculum vitae looks really good. Huge admiration comes along as a signature.


It is hard for extroverts to not to talk even when they are angry. When I am angry, I may hit a stop button in my head but after sometime, it turns out that I bear only a pause button, not the stop one. And then I begin talking. A person is supposed to be silent when intended to be taken seriously and the moment we start talking incessantly, bam! There you missed the chance.

No chamber of secrets.

If being an extrovert gives away some secrets, it can also turn the person a sole stop for others' secrets as well. During long hours of talking, people usually share one or two of their secrets. Sometimes more. It is an added benefit. If you can manage skillful hours of talking, you may end up with some of the latest news from round the blocks/corners.

Stay happier.

Yeah. This probably is the best thing extroverts can flaunt in themselves. Words help to ship out grief and complaints in bulk. When an extrovert is facing a despair, long sentences help the person to let out something more like hurt feelings felt before but not relevant to the current subject.

Talking is actually good. It helps you to grow and nurture the soul. But make sure you have the habit of talking to people. Don't take the waywardness of your nature to an extent where you may end up talking to walls. Just saying!

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