Sunday, 12 July 2015

Bangalore via a writer's eye.

Yesterday (Saturday) I did Bangalore Darshan just on my own. No family (which has the husband and a kid) and no friends. Just me and myself. Being a writer, I have to work mostly indoors. So to satiate my writer cravings of exploration, I set myself free for one day.

I got up at 4.50 AM sharp and was ready by six with my fully packed backpack. Reached at the pick up point at 6.45. Many travelers and tourists were there. It was good to see the crowd. My reservation was in a KSTDC's Deluxe bus in which you can open windows (i.e. no A.C. bus). It was fun to sit next to the window and watch the city transform from a sleepy to a fully awakened wanton child. This is how I was ready to leave :)

Not with the bat of course :)

There was still 20 minutes to kill inside the bus. So thought to have a selfie. I liked it so sharing it.

Ready to explore, enjoy and learn :)

Finally the bus moved at 7.30 and I was joyous. I was excited to cover a trip just on my own. It would certainly be a wonderful experience, I knew it in advance. Husband was at home taking care of the kid and house and there I a bus to explore the city through a writer's eye.

First point was ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). It is a huge temple, took 10 years to complete and consumed 32 crores in expense but a marvelous temple in Bangalore.

Sharing just few of the photos. Next was another temple called as Raja Rajeshwari Temple. Highly visited and one of the major attractions in the city. In many of the temples, photography is not allowed so just clicked in allowed premises.

In Raja Rajeshwari temple

Covering it, we went straight to Bannerghatta National Park. I had never been to this park earlier so was very curious about it. The experience was altogether fantastic least to say!! Got down from the bus. It was little drizzling. Loved the weather. Then I bought the ticket for Rs. 260/- and immediately slipped into a safari bus. The green colored bus is fully enclosed with thick iron wires to secure the visitors from animals. I got to see White tiger, lion, bear, elephants and deer. Spotting tigers, lions and bears just next to the safari bus was very exciting. I got to see them very closely and was enthralled to see the magnificence of each wild animal.

White tiger

Tiger yawning

Tiger bathing

Lion - could not look at us. May be shy or angry?

Bear roaming around the bus

I am bitten by a selfie bug. Inside safari bus.

In the same park is built Butterfly Park (you can see the video by clicking on the name). I ventured on the pathway to capture it as well. And glad to admit, I did not regret it by any bit.  

Enticing entrance

A rather beautiful and rare red and black butterfly 

Inside the Butterfly park

The Butterfly park is an enclosed space where you can see hundreds of butterflies flying around leisurely. They vary highly in colors. Inside is also an exhibition where one can know anything and everything about these wonderful colorful creations of nature. Sharing just two sneak peeks.

A big display about butter flies

Inside Butterfly park exhibition

Then I had roasted corn and a packet of chips. It was already one of after noon. We ventured for lunch. It was almost a 45 minutes journey from the park. The Bannerghatta park is situated 30 kms away from the city. So while I traveled back, I made sure to jot down this park experience in my notepad as well.

We all visitors had lunch and then we went to Mysore Silk Emporium shop which showcases beautiful silk sarees, dresses and handicraft items (and they are expensive too!). Keeping hubby's angry face in mind, I just bought two articles which itself cost me above thousand bucks but it was worth buying them. I bought an ear ring for me...

 Price is written already :P

Then we went to National Gallery of Modern Art aka Chitrakala Parishad. This was the most awaited destination for me but sadly we had mere 20 mins to cover its huge premises. I hurriedly went after each painting and noted down what could tickle my tiny brain with some sense. Luckily, I got to see famous artists' works such as Raja Ravi Verma, M.F. Hussain, Omar Khayyam, Ravindranath Tagore etc. Photography was prohibited so was highly disappointed for not being able to click any of them. It was one of the happiest experiences of my recent times however I pestered our guide to click me before leaving for the second last destination which was Jawahar Lal Nehru Planetarium. He obliged but in a much haste.

Outside Chitrakala Parishad. Was truly glad to see it.

Then we all went to the planetarium. I had seen its shows twice earlier so chose to relax in the park instead. Had ice-cream and roasted corn. I am a big foodie. Love to gorge on snack items while outside. Last destination was Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain (right in front of the planetarium). I have seen it too. So called my hubby to finally pick his wife. He came and thus, a full day journey of a writer came to a stop. Or may be, it is a pause until I find another destination just by myself. Fingers crossed tightly :)

And the final photograph was with our tour guide, Mr. Sampath. He was good and friendly.

During the time from one destination to the other, I made sure not to tune into my mobile play list. I wanted to see things in order to feel them. Music could be a big hindrance. I loved the thrusting wind on my face coming right through the open window. I soaked in the heat of sun which seeped some warmth to bring me closer to my own self. I was fortunate enough to get the next seat of mine empty. I parked my backpack there and enjoyed the free space. The outer world has so many things and hence, experiences to offer but as a writer, it is hard for me to roam at frequent scales. I also learned so many things during this one day trip and I am so glad about it. I wish to have such chance again and very soon.

A personal flash back - My parents were quite curious about why did I travel alone on a holiday when I could take my family. While explaining them, I felt the hovering ( and a bit annoying)  silhouette of generation gap. I told them I wanted to explore things on my own and it'd help me with my creativity but they were still unable to comprehend it. But they supported me anyways. What choice did they have anyway?

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