Friday, 24 July 2015

An unexpected compliment.

Almost two weeks ago, one of my neighbors came to invite me for her daughter's birthday party. Along with the invitation, she also passed on a compliment which was a complete surprise. A total out-of-the-blue thing. She said,

"And regarding your WhatsApp statuses, I truly love them! Everyday you write something so wonderful that I actually look forward to it. I everyday go to your window and read it and literally enjoy it"

What a great surprise it was for me. I never knew someone looks forward to what I write as my WhatsApp status but it was a treat to my ears and heart. I loved her words and thanked for making my day. It was a big compliment for me.

Today I changed my status again. In fact, it is the extended version of what I put yesterday. This is what I wrote yesterday as my WhatsApp status -

"If you can manage a day without writing, you can manage a life without it too!"

This is one of my thoughts and dedicated to my love for writing. Now this is my current WhatsApp status to tickle a smile -

'If you can manage a day without writing, you can manage a life without it too!'

'So what did you write today?'

'My WhatsApp status!' And I was in an instant receipt of her admiration.

Enjoy! Words are all I got to share. In the meanwhile, do not forget to pass on a compliment to someone to make their day better.

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