Thursday, 16 July 2015

11 simple ways to deal with Stress-eating.

Food is considered as one of the major celebrations in our lives while its primary work is to keep our stomach full and provide the energy to the body required for day to day struggles. But when you turn to bite as a form of getting some comfort, the action nails some attention. I am talking about Stress-eating alias Emotional-eating. If you feel angry, stressed, anxiety, guilty or even happy (Yes. Happy. Happiness is also a stress for our body to which we tend to comply very easily) and crave to reach out to the office drawer or kitchen cupboard for some food comfort, you may be a hapless victim of stress-eating. Emotional bombardment is natural but when cravings go out of hands, you need to keep a check on that notorious stress-eating habit.

Find the trigger - For sensitive people, stress-eating can wreck havoc frequently. So before you indulge into stress-eating every time, try to find out the trigger. Also find out what makes the situation worse. Figuring out the things that agitates your mind abruptly will certainly help you a great deal.

Distract yourself away - Scientists say that if you can manage to distract yourself at the time of cravings, the needling temptation goes away by 99.9%. The same trick can dance wonders for the issues such as stress-eating. If you find yourself stressed by any sorts, just stick yourself out for some distraction. For example - talk to somebody, read a book or draw something. In short, do things that can completely absorb your attention.

And avoid stress-eating!

Avoid frenemies - Sometimes we watch movies or TV shows for the distraction but they do not help! Movies and oh-so-awesome shows are actually the enemies disguised as friends to stress-eating. Such things ease up your brain and hence, pull your guards down. You feel good and easily turn to junk food or sugary items. So step away from things that evoke you to cozy up with stress-eating. But if you still want to get cozy with the screen, opt for thriller, horror or action shows. Such genres are proven to make you want eat less. They keep you glued to the seat for longer duration without letting you feel the need to binge on anything.

Sleep more - Lack of sleep bullies your senses and threats you to eat unnecessarily for comfort. So fetch some extra hour/s of sleep. Sleeping relaxes the mind which helps you deal with any issue more effectively and in comparatively shorter span of time.

Fitness - Fitness keeps the mind fit as well. It helps to relax the muscles and melts the stress. Stretching has already been proved to be a highly effective stress-buster. Try it out. When feel stressed, just stand up and stretch yourself. Breathe easy. Inhale and exhale. Smile. Everyday fitness regime does wondrous to keep stress-eating at bay.

Do not keep junk food at home - It works! Sometimes you feel giving every measure up and just reach out to that packet of chips or the sugary beverage and flood yourself with them. Nothing, absolutely nothing works out on such occasions of total breakdown. First you were just stressed and later, you are more because you over-ate despite knowing the fact it was bad for you. Guilty charges enormous self-loathing. The simple solution might be - just do not buy any junk food. Yesterday I finished a big packet of chips along with 3 glass fulls of Pepsi and I know how does it feel. I ended up with tears in my eyes.

Embrace the stress - Try to embrace or in simpler word say, accept the emotion. Acceptance of a situation is an action that solves the troubling issue by half. Now you will have to work only for the rest half. When you are stressed, try your best to take it easy. Embrace it thinking it is okay or this will be fine. And trust me! Things really get fine when we have this positive attitude in troubling times.

Keep healthy options at reach - Like nuts, fruits, dark chocolate and juices. Milk and banana work nicely as they are also popular as comforting food. Before you give in to the temptation to eat, just wait for 10 seconds and weigh the options. If you do this, you may end up chewing on healthy calories culminating into relieving the stress. Would it be not an ideal and a total win win situation?

Have a glass - filled with water. Do not get any wrong ideas here. Many a times, we mistake our thirst as hunger. Next time you hop over bite cravings, serve yourself a glass of water first. This may do the needful you are looking for.

If you know the duration, you know the solution - Stress, sometimes, do not fades away in minutes. It goes on for hours or even days or weeks! And doing stress-eating in longer duration is seriously hazardous to your body. So if you know that the issue in hand is going to stay for longer duration, you better need to plan effective stress-busting techniques. For example, start storing good food options. Make healthy dishes in advance so that when you are tempted to eat right after an hour of your healthy meal, you can munch without much of guilty pangs. Fix a box loaded with healthy food items and label it as your rescuer (choose your own words to call it) so that the next time you are targeted by stress, you will know where to land.

Give it some time - Like everything, stress also needs a while to disappear. Have some patience and give yourself some time before you can rebound with fresh slivers of energy and thoughts.

Happiness or sadness or say, any sort of stress, fades away over the time but when it is over, you get to meet the modified version of yourself by learning new things in process. Avoid stress-eating and make sure the modified version looks if not better then at least the same as it was before the stress.

So should I say...Happy chasing stress-eating away? No. It sounds too worked up. I am just gonna say...Stay happy and healthy. That sounds doable. :)

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