Monday, 22 June 2015

The weekend get away.

The last weekend of ours was a wonderful delight. We went to meet some of our friends over dinner and ended up having a night out at their place. It was a fun night filled with lots of chit chats and bouts of laughter. Boys argued over political parties while girls discussed firsts crush, future dreams and other sort of girle things. Altogether, it was great to have such impromptu night stay.

In the middle of everything, I looked around silently. People laughed as they chatted. Made some good jokes as well as pathetic poor ones. Smiles were generously in sight. And, there was some real essence of friendship and concern for one another. I truly value friendship a lot! I believe it to be the most special relationship anyone can have with someone. If you have friendship, you ought to spend life with much more positivity and good health.

For dinner, we had pizzas and garlic breads from Domino's and burgers and strips from KFC. As there is no KFC around my place and my immense love is totally dedicated to KFC's paneer zinger, the moment I had the first bite, I was straight sent to the heaven. Its taste is truly finger lickin' good. Then we had other things and all of us ended up with over fed tummies and lethargic bodies. We talked until it was four in the morning. We then kicked ourselves to beds. We could only leave after breakfast and some more fun talking the next morning. The body was screaming for some more rest but after coming back, some chores were there to perform topped with a kid's birthday party in the evening to attend. In the midst of organizing things and catching a nap, Sunday finally called itself to the end.

The week started on a good note. I worked good, ended up writing more than I had expected from myself for the day. It is truly a bliss when I work on my work. There is no pleasure compared to the fulfillment of getting work done that you deeply love. Long sentence?! Never mind. Now let me go catch a good night sleep. Hope rest of the world is also at peace.

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