Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Notebook moment.

I was watching a movie called The Notebook this afternoon. It is a fabulous movie where an old man tells an old woman a story of a girl and a boy. The old woman is suffering with dementia and she tends to lose her memory any given time of the day.

There was a moment in the movie that touched me deeply. The boy in the story is named Noah and the girl is Allie. They meet during Allie's summer vacation and fall in love quickly than they could blink. Their love is enormous and inseparable. But as the summer ends, Allie is forced to go back to New York with her parents. Noah and Allie depart. Time flies away and years pass. Allie fall for another man named Lon. He proposes and she says yes. On the other part of the world, Noah is still suffering with his love for Allie. He spotted her with Lon the other day and since that day, he just can not bring himself to peace. However, he has Martha, another woman who, I guess, loves him but as destiny has it, Noah's love for Allie prevents him to feel happy at heart. He even constructs a house exactly to the liking of Allie (when she had spent her summer with him). One day, Allie sees Noah's picture in a newspaper and memories flood her. She goes back to him and slowly, their muffled silent love for each other returns. They spend the whole of days and nights together.

Now this is the moment I felt deeply. One morning, Martha decides to give Noah a visit because she hasn't listened from him for quite a sometime. She comes at the door and Noah opens it. She gets the idea that the woman he loves is back and somewhere inside the house. Noah suggests it would be a bad idea to introduce her to Allie but just when Martha was about to turn away, Allie comes right outside. She sees Martha and greets very warmly. I could see the poles apart difference between the expressions on both the women's faces. Where Allie's eyes looked completely peaceful and lips stretched into a content smile, right there Martha's eyes had tears of pain and smile revolting a twist in her heart. That twist belonged to losing Noah. She too loves him, you see.

For this particular moment, I was glued to my seat. It is just another piece of a film roll yet the feelings felt so real. Even in real life, some Martha's loss can be some Allie's gain or vice versa. Love is just surprising. Isn't it? It gets back to you when you least expect it and when it does, you have nothing but your own world embraced in your arms right then and there. The movie is very subtle and if you haven't watched it, please do watch it someday (and my apologies to give away some spoilers here).

By the way, I ended up crying my eyes out as the movie proceeded to finish. Well...I was just living the moment.

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