Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Skinny outfits and us.

As I picked up the newspaper today, a rather bizarre news hogged my eye balls. It was about a 35 year old woman tripping into her jeans, collapsing on the ground and finally ending into the hospital for treatment of Compartment Syndrome. It happened because of the skinny jeans she was wearing while walking into the park. The incident evidently belongs to Australia.

Strange? Isn't it? Cloths are supposed to provide comfort, not neurological or any other type of diseases. Cloths are meant to feel good when put on, not letting us feel trapped in it. But as the case has it, the woman clearly was trapped into her skinny tight jeans that forbid her from walking. To know more about the incident, click here.

Compartment syndrome is a medical condition in which a certain space inside our body gets pressurized way too much resulting in bloating in muscles. The afflicted woman had a continuous habit of wearing skinny jeans. On top of that, she had to squat a lot while helping a relative in shifting. Squatting causes severe pressure on legs muscles and because of tight cloths, the situation may deteriorate. Her jeans had become so tight that doctors had to cut it in order to take it off her body. After a few days treatment, the woman went home fully recuperated.

Now the topic had become quite a piece of debate. Urban women are surprisingly unfazed by it. They say when women trip wearing sarees but still continue to wear it then why ostracize skinny jeans especially? Point is good but here the concern is not the type of outfit we are choosing to wear. It is the way we are wearing it. According to doctors, this woman's case is first of its kind. Such has never happened earlier. But people did wear skinny jeans before and no one complained ever but why NOW?

So the trick is to wear right dress in correct manner. Be it saree, jeans, or any other outfit, make sure your body gets a full access to breathing and an uninterrupted blood circulation. As long as you treat your body right, no outfit is going to hurt you even skinny jeans.

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