Friday, 19 June 2015

Say it before it's too late.

Let me whip a little story for today.

Two friends meet after years and thus, resuscitated what once was a good friendship. The girl and the boy both feel the connection better this time. As time grew up in days and months, the girl gets emotionally attached to the boy. They both are fond of each other but one day, the girl has to leave. Both of them feel terrible but there is no other choice to place foot on. Finally the girl leaves to come back never and thus, the story ends...with their depart.

It is painful for the girl to leave. Being a girl calls for an extra bucket of emotions. She is bubbly and loves to make the boy smile and laugh. The boy also feels good with her. There is a certain kind of attraction which can not be defined. They enjoy the connection i.e. talking, laughing and fighting together but as it was destined to happen, separation brings the story to fruition. The girl sobs inside with pain for having to leave a friendship which in her term was being beautifully nurtured. She cradled it in her heart but when it broke, it oozes nothing but unimaginable amount of pain and despair. At the other end, the boy is also sad somewhere. He misses her.

For the girl, it is not the separation that caused her the pain. Yes. It did but moreover, it was something that she wanted the boy to say but somehow, he never did. Whenever she spoke of leaving, he never ever said Don't go. We will work out something. Or, Stay! She had fought for her friendship but at the end, she was left with an unsolved gaping hole somewhere in her.

She writes a journal later on where she scribbles something like this -

Finally a bond has put on end. A story has come to its destination which, probably, could have been beautiful. I will miss him and it hurts to even think that I am now not able to reach out to him anymore albeit all those talks and little things will stay with me forever.

As a human, he is wonderful and amazing. Sometimes he talks gently but sometimes goes crazy. As a whole, he is a beautiful human being and I am gonna miss him dearly. 

Its truly hurt to be gone but what did hurt me the most that, he never ever said, even for once, to not not to leave. I wish though he could say that sometime. Not that I was in the position to stay but because it feels good to listen and understand that someone whom you cared about and fought for does not want to let you go that easily; that someone cares for you enough to hold on to the relationship you are bound with. I really wish he could try to make me stay at least once.

Why people do not say it on time when few words are all someone needs to hear? Or, may be he never wanted me to stay. He really was never much inclined towards our friendship as much as I was! Otherwise he would have said something. Isn't it? He is so gentle, kind and beautiful. I love his smile. Now I am not there to see it anymore. I am not there to make him laugh anymore. 

There is actually nothing left to say much. But I wish I could ask him why he never fought for us? That why you let me go so conveniently? Why he never said, "Don't go, girl. Stay"? I so wish sometimes. Or, may be it was not about the end. It was about the story instead. At least this may cushion my heart with some warmth I need.

But past everything, I heartily wish him a lifetime happiness and especially, the peace of mind that everyone deserves. If not me then at least he can afford to have some. With all of my love...The girl.                             

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