Thursday, 11 June 2015

Is this the end of Maggi era?

Since last few weeks, we all have been facing a big crisis. At least I am. The crisis has fondly coined as Maggi fallout.

Maggi has not been just any noodle brand. It has got associated with us in several ways. The famous (or now infamous?!) just two-minute jargon continues to live on. Reportedly, Nestle has been the first ever company introducing instant food item. Since then, Maggi has captured millions of memories and has truly made up for some wonderful times in each of our lives. Sharing a big bowl of Maggi with siblings at my native, swooping in while I kept writing, when the kid had gone hungry, as dinner for multiple times, or simply when taste buds went wanton demanding something spicy yet fulfilling to the tummy; these are just few strips of memories made from Maggi noodles. These and many more are still fresh somewhere back in mind. By the way, I always preferred having my bowl of Maggi with 2 or 3 bread slices.

But now that my favorite noodle has found to be loaded with lead and way more equipped with MSG than recommended levels, it is tough to pick the same yellow-red packet again with the same blind trust and a smiling face. Not only the brand has affected but also the way I had been looking at instant food articles. With such unexpected fall out has come a very genuine concern -

Are other brands safe? Can I go and pick them blindfolded?

Well...I did pick Ching's instant noodles later (not so great!). In life where everything seems to be done hurriedly to get back at work or TV, instant things seem like a quick fix. For having to stay away from long hours of cooking and to serve something delicious have probably given birth to instant noodles and other such items. But can we deny the fact that necessities meet when there are demands? Aren't we all equally to blame for as Nestle? Has our desperation/love for instant things not led the brand to compromise with its quality? Maggi was born out of a demand and now that it has dug deep into our lives, it seems tough to grow without it. Thankfully we are humans. Can be flexible as per time demands.

Currently in Karnataka, Maggi is found safe but it is still nowhere to see. Completely wiped out from the shelves. Will definitely come back later in altogether mind-blowing eye-popping avatar. Till then, have fun with instant oats, dosas and idlis until...FDA moves on to check their statuses too.


  1. I am sure there are other brands of noodles out there in the market.
    I still don't understand the concept of "recommended levels"
    Why not 0% of Lead? Or is it that Lead is "required" for making Maggie?

    1. I don't know but I think I am gonna miss my bowl of Maggi until it comes back...


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