Saturday, 27 June 2015

How does it feel to work on toes? Amazing!

Last Friday, I bumped into a very interesting and thought provoking article. I was immediately into giving it a shot. You can read the article here - The lady who gave up sitting.

A lady had given up sitting for her work. She is a writer and being myself the one, I know the pain of sitting for hours and finding challenges to stand up and move every time. So she gave up sitting, got a standing work desk and worked on it for a month. The result surprised her and so did to me. After reading it, I was immediately into her shoes. I also gave up my chair and considered a one week target to see how does it feel to work on toes. One week was enough for me to find out the results and here I am...with the record of the last whole week.

Fortunately, I too happen to have a standing work desk. We bought it almost two months ago but hardly used it. Now was the time to give it a full utilization. I fished it out from the room, settled it on my table and started writing the same day I read the article i.e. Friday. I also noted down the changes it made to my work schedule. Thus, here are details of how it worked and how I got a complete hang of it (with pros and cons of course).

Working on toes - A one week journal.

On first day, I felt different and tempted for a couple of times to sit but ignored at my best. I was willing to work in standing position no matter what it takes.

The first reaction was - Getting rid of the guilt of sitting for hours! Nice!!

Post 15 minutes and truth on my tongue, if I was sitting, I would have snoozed (was not able to sleep properly last night because of work stress). But standing helped me to roam around very easily and ditching the tough shot of snooze. After sometime, I was back to work. Post 35 minutes, it started to work effectively. I was finally super awake and could work better and faster. Roamed while thinking over scenes with hands in the pockets of my pajamas. Made some silly bottle opening sounds while thinking harder (yeah! we writers do it), and sat on my swing whenever I needed to. It felt a little tough to stand for work especially when you are so much habituated of sitting for years. So I sat for sometime and then stood up for work. It's easy and very feasible. Can maintain body posture. Can now easily perform light stretching as well. Years of reading articles about stretch yourself while at work keeps you active is finally paying off. I now feel wonderful! Sometimes, I also prefer to play music while working. No more body stooping or neck strain sort of issues (that happens with sitting work lifestyle). Finally sat down after two and a half hours. It felt great to be able to make it so far on the first day itself.

As the rest of the week days passed by, it went on becoming easier to work. There were less speculations and more assurances. I am now glad to work in standing position. It helps me enormously. Got clicked too!

Working during day.

At night.

Working on toes actually helps!

  • Pros - Standing position actually helps you in working more effectively. You become highly productive at work. 
  • Standing helps you to burn calories and keep you at bay from Type 2 diabetes, obesity and low blood circulation. It lets you feel active.
  • Body position gets rectified. 
  • Your focus/concentration increases tremendously.
  • You can snack easily as well (well...that's my benefit).
  • For any chore, you can easily move and finish it quickly and in relatively lesser time. You won't feel the lethargy of getting up and then move. 
  • You can easily do some light stretching which only adds up to the benefits.
  • Can reach out at the door whenever it gets knocked.
  • Highly recommended to office jobs.

Cons -  

  • Swelling in legs may happen at first. So consider sitting in between somewhere during the work for the first few days.
  • You will need to spend bucks on standing work desk (if you don't have it) but it's worth.

That's it! For me, there are only two cons of it. I am loving to stand and write and I can literally spend hours in this position without feeling the stress of sitting. In fact, just yesterday I wrote for five hours and did not feel a woe about standing or pain in legs. Well, basically when I am concentrated at work, working position does not bother me much but I give my 100% vote to working on toes.

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