Saturday, 20 June 2015

Celebrate the fitness festival - World Yoga Day.

Tomorrow, June 21st, is internationally declared as Yoga Day. I call it The Fitness Festival. Since our honorable prime minister has recognized the significance of Yoga in his daily life, he has now encouraged the whole world along with him to practice it as a routine. I truly can not thank him enough for being so considerate at this point. To mark the importance and love to our historical method to stay fit, let's celebrate it through out the year and every coming ones.

My fitness festival happens almost daily. Jogging followed by several Yoga asanas (poses) + general exercises. The whole segment lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours. Sometimes it goes up to two hours! I love it when it stretches for a couple of hours. My work outfit gets altogether sweaty and I love that at the end. It evidently shows how much effort I love to put in for my fitness. Sometimes I cheat and put my alarm on snooze but mostly, I love my fitness regime planned by my own, adjusted according to my schedule.

(A small pie - Tomorrow is also Father's Day. My father is very happy with me waking up in the wee hours and my exercise routine. I guess making him happy is the best thing I can ever do in my life.)

But many of us do not have either enough motivation or time to perform Yoga/exercise. So here are some few arrows for them to follow to the goal. Let's get started...

Set a date/time.

If you happen to plan to start exercising the next day but helplessly put your alarm off every morning and head back to snooze, you are simply not designed for an instant kick out. You need a date to be set. Like you take resolution/s every year. Just the same way. Set a date say by next week or next month on such and such date, I will start my fitness festival. This will help your mind and body to get prepared in advance. And then all you have to do is to stick to your promise. Things will work out.

Fitness classes.

This is for lazy bums. Almost 1.5 years ago, I had to join Aerobics classes because I was miserably failing at my work out plans. Nothing worked out in my favor and I was gaining weight like anything. Thankfully I am blessed with a good height so even if I put on weight, it's hardly noticeable. In fact, it adds up to my charm. But that time I did not want to be added with anymore charm and then decided to opt for Aerobics. It worked so ridiculously! Within 4 months, I had lost almost 5.5 Kgs (that's ~ 12 lbs). My trainer was super thrilled and very delighted to see my dedication. Music and cool steps do not even let you notice that you are strenous and exercising. Just enjoy them together and viola! You are fit in no time.

Stretch when at work/home.

It is somehow added into my habit that whenever I walk around in my home, I stretch my body while walking or when I cook in the kitchen. The stretch does not have to be long lasting but continuing with such a tiny habit can show real results. Whenever you are free, stressed or get a chance to walk, stretch a little. It increases the blood circulation, hence tones up the happy hormone (serotonin) secretion and you introduce your body to a different yet effective fitness tick.

Be around fit people.

I had lived in England for sometime and gotten a wonderful chance to do an Europe trip covering Paris, Germany and Switzerland. Pointless to say, everything seemed amazing! People were nice. Food were yummilicious. And the cultures too were beautiful. I enjoyed myself very much being in those countries. But being there, I also learned the most basic and hence, the most important tips about fitness. I learned to read and understand labels on packages. I learned about low fat foods. I learned to instill walk into my daily routine and I also learned how to kiss like French people (kidding).

Coming to the point, people in those places are very much cautious about their bodies. They keep it amazingly fit! They really do care about themselves. Being there actually helped me get fitter despite of those helpless self servings of Krispy Kreme doughnuts or Iceland's family size pizzas and garlic breads. Seeing fitness around myself was a more than enough motivation to stay fit. You too try to be around fit people. Can be a tough call but not too tough to do. Just try a little harder. What you see around certainly goes inside head. Mind it!

Take baby steps.

Usually I am regular with my jogs and all that but sometimes, I turn into lazy bums as well. I stop exercising altogether say for one/two weeks or when I am at my native. I feel terrible at those times. Then I get back in the sock and try to re-start myself. Initially, it looks tough. So I take baby steps. I just can not hop into the fitness train and begin keying it like an expert right away. It scares me if I stop and then start like I had never stopped.

So this arrow is for me and the people who see getting fit as a horrendous big goal. Start with the morning drink. I usually drink 2-3 glasses of cool water first. Then comes the exercise routine and then I immensely enjoy a big mug of my favorite Tulsi Ginger Green Tea. You can start like this too or, try having lemon juice+honey in warm water as first thing in the morning. Both of them have enormous benefits when it comes to fitness. Try either of my suggestions.

Then cool yourself off with simple 30 minutes of stretching/light walk. Increase the strength by skipping, hopping or jogging. If you have fitness equipment at home, try them. Decide that you will dedicate 30 minutes for just one month and if you see good results then only you will continue. After one month, you will see loose t-shirts and pants. This will give you enough motivation to go for another month and so on...

Take care of the diet

Exercise and diet go hand in hand. With saying diet, people usually think of one starving himself horribly. NO. Diet does not mean to fast often or starve yourself off everything. Diet actually means balanced meal plannings. Diet means to eat healthy and nutritious.

No work out plan can be worked out if it is not paired correctly with a healthy diet, sketched as per your lifestyle. Remember! What you put inside will surely look outside. So eat healthy, be a fitness regular and look beautiful through a long journey called Life.

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