Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bisexuality is not a *thing*!

When Miley Cyrus announced she is a bisexual, it came to me as a wonderful news. Later, I did some research on internet about Bisexuality and found very interesting articles to understand its nature in more comprehensive and detailed ways. Just before I start on the subject, let me tell you Miley is not alone on this bisexuality bandwagon. There are lot many other celebrities who have come to terms with their sexuality and confirmed it in media later on. A few names - Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Cynthia Nixon, Lady Gaga, Clive Davis, Billie Joe Armstrong, Megan Fox and the list goes on... They are as comfortable about their sexuality as heterosexuals. Well...what can I say? Bravo? Well done? Yeah. Sure. They showed the courage to accept themselves in a world where there is a high society one way pressure to feel straight and only such species are accepted as normal people.

What is Bisexuality?
Bisexuality is when a person is physically, emotionally and sexually attracted to other male, female, transgender or genderqueer, gay, and/or lesbian.

In some countries like India, bisexuality is still suffering with many myths, society confrontations and conservative culture. Especially for teenagers, it is hard to accept the fact because society has always ostracized bisexuals. Cynthia Nixon (The sex and the city star) has said she could not be opened about her bisexuality because society just wouldn't accept it. It will dump its rash and anger on her absentmindedly. She kept mum about it until one day, she decided to share herself in media.

On the other hand, Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore had enjoyed themselves being around women. Barrymore says loving another woman is like exploring her own self but through someone else. Jolie says a woman gets to learn how to do things in a particular way if she knows how to pleasure another woman. Interesting statements? Aren't they? It is truly a wonder to see they can be so open about their physical intimacies and sexual preferences despite of being celebrity faces but it must have been really tough for them.

With a handful of meaningful research, I have come to know few important things about bisexual people which make perfect sense. Read on to clear doubts, if any.

One needs to understand this.

  • Being bisexual is not a phase or timeline that would or could change over time. It is a life instilled in you. Live it and enjoy it.
  • Accept the way you are! You are as normal as heterosexuals. There is nothing wrong in feeling sexually attracted to the same and the opposite gender at the same time.
  • Confide in parents for the support. It might be difficult for them to accept first but there are chances they may understand you at the end. Be prepared for the negative end anyway.
  • Emerge out with your bisexuality only if you are absolutely in sync with it. Do not say it just because you think you are confused or under any family/society pressure. First, be comfortable with yourself and then to others. First few occasions might be traumatic but eventually things will sort out in favorable ways.
  • Find out any GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Trangender) committee or group nearby your areas to know more about others. In India, it is certainly tough to find one but it is bit easier to spot one in abroad. In either cases, be normal and happy.
  • There is no test which can prove the gender preference. Being bisexual can be a gift only if you truly understand yourself and what you want! David Bowie said, 'Bisexuality is the best thing ever happened to me'. Clear your doubts about yourself and make your bisexuality a gift by choosing to trade on positive path.
  • In India, things are opening up. People are becoming more confident about sharing the platform. An eye catching article is on your way - Being bisexual in India. Remember! You are not alone! There are millions of bisexuals across the globe who are leading a happy and successful lives preceded by accepting what they are. Being a bisexual is a natural part of your personality. Do not put it in a daze by feeling low esteemed or thinking as an alien.
  • Gender preference of bisexuals may change over time.
  • Being bisexual does not mean infidelity or dealing with cheaters. Bisexuals can be as loyal as heterosexuals. If heteros can be disloyal, bisexuals can be too. Things work equally effective in both the types.
  • Read and gain more knowledge about your sexuality. I found one link highly interesting and rationally focused on the subject - Things to know about bisexuality.
  • Do not treat bisexuality as a phobia, crime or disease. It is as normal as any other genetic fruition.
  • Bisexuals can also stay in touch with just one gender through a lifetime. In such cases, they are often considered or looked at as straight people.

In India, cities like Delhi, organize bisexual parades every year to spread the awareness. In such parades, members of GLBT groups take part enthusiastically and confidently boast themselves. The key a society, we need to accept and give space to everyone. It is us who need to open our hearts and welcome the GLBT community with affection.


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.