Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A little run was all needed.

This evening when I was done with my writing, I decided to watch a flick. I love watching movies especially romantic, comedy and sci fi ones. My favorite channel is Romedy Now. I tuned in it and viola! The Holiday was on air and it had just started 20 minutes ago. I have seen this movie for, I guess, 2-3 times yet I am always ready to watch it again. So I settled myself with Bourbon (biscuit) on my swing and became a part of the journeys of Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz).

The movie is simply wonderful and based on a different sort of theme. Iris and Amanda were going through some bad patches of life and they needed to go far far away from their abodes. Thus, they landed on Home Exchange website which allowed people to exchange their homes with someone else say for some vacation (in this case, the Christmas holidays). Iris and Amanda got in touch and switched to each other's homes. Iris (currently in England) moved to L. A. (Los Angeles) to Amanda's home and Amanda (Currently in L.A.) moved to England to Iris' home. Things went by so differently that those two week holiday span turned out the best holiday of their lives. No, no. I am not going to bring on more spoilers here, buddy. Go watch it yourself. You will enjoy it for sure.

At one point, Iris took on a very important decision of her life while being in Amanda's house. This was something she should have done 3 years ago but she did it finally. And when she did it, she felt free. She felt awesome. She felt....gumption. That moment, I felt the same adrenaline rush. I also felt that I too need to do take a significant decision of my life to make my time more worthwhile and less complicated. Thus, I did. Though it is kinda a personal decision so I can't share it but that doesn't matter. All that matter is that...

I too have the gumption. I too feel free.

As soon as I was done with the movie, I put on my newly bought black colored half jacket, threw my hair open and headed downstairs for a pleasant walk. Bangalore is just getting more and more seductive by each passing day. Once it embraces you, you won't have the guts to leave it. I plugged in some music and ran down for my walk. The wind was crazy!! And it felt so nice....so much liberating. I felt the wind passing through me, not past me. I felt as if every pore of my body has become receptive to life and I am alive all over again. It is something you can say a crazy feeling but it's worth having it! If you have ever felt like this then only you can understand what do I mean. It is certainly not crazy. It is just life rushing through me at the time I most needed it.

As I went down, I saw two little twin girls having a walk. They belong to one of my neighbors. I really enjoy being with those girls. They are naughty, bubbly and cheerful least to say. So I took off my ear phones and decided to play with them. I made them do a little jog around the whole campus. They enjoyed it so much that it made me laugh for several times. In the meanwhile, the wind blew my hair like a crazy passionate lover. I loved it! I enjoyed every moment. I loved the weather and felt thankful for my luck to be in a city like Bangalore. The weather is the best thing you can find in here.

I felt energized and rejuvenated. I along with those twin girls put our legs in the swimming pool and splashed water a lot. I was actually doing it to make them laugh and feel the moment. At last when one of them went stubborn to get inside the pool (water was freezing cold), I took off. Then we again did a little jog. I swung them into my arms, tossed them one by one in air and tickled as well. They laughed a lot all over again. Their smiles made me feel really happy.

On my way back, I was really content. I still am and have decided to live this way in future as well. Sometimes, it takes just simple things to de-clutter your mind and help you to take right decisions on right time. I guess the right time had come for me and luckily, I plunged into it. I feel really me...a happy me.

And what did it take to make me realize all of it? A little run. :)

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