Monday, 8 June 2015

5 simple tricks to put 24 hours on good use.

Facing the same 24 hours everyday can be tough at times but changing the way you use it can make a real difference. I recommend doing simple yet effective tricks to make the most of each day.

Go out.

An outing splashes a fresh bucket of water to the walls in your mind. Seeing different people, new and old things, various sized shops and endless number of vehicles changes the way we look at things. We get distracted! Researches says, a different ambiance plays a huge role in getting over the monotony of life. So what are you waiting for? Head out next time to make few hours really interesting.


You think it is a very natural obvious thing that is being done every day? Talk but to different kind of people. That's the trick. Talking to the people with varying number of experiences involves a lot of attention and the best use of time. You can learn as well as share your anecdotes. It often works when you think the day is drowning. Different people hold the ability to make you happy in different ways!


One of the best ways to utilize free time and get the muscles toned up. I basically end up working out for almost two hours in the mornings but I actually enjoy every bit of it. I don't get tired. In fact, I push myself harder to get a particular pose right. And at the end, I feel enormously happy. So gear up for an exercise session. It elevates the happy hormone, that is serotonin, and you feel much better about the day.

Peep in the past.

But only at happy memories! I have several photo albums back at my native place and whenever I am there, I often take them out and bump into my childhood and other such golden moments. One word: Happiness. I feel really happy. I giggle when I spot myself bald in childhood or smile when I see my parents' marriage photographs. They really make me happy. I have gigantic collection of memories on my laptop and sometimes, I pass through them and I feel rejuvenated for the rest of the day.

It's all okay.

Think like this. Whenever you feel the day is going down, help it up by lifting it with the bar of a simple thinking. Not everyday we can stay happy nor can put efforts to make it different but if you keep the things simple, it helps! Let It's all okay echo in your head and you will feel better. Day will automatically start to pass on a good note.

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