Saturday, 27 June 2015

How does it feel to work on toes? Amazing!

Last Friday, I bumped into a very interesting and thought provoking article. I was immediately into giving it a shot. You can read the article here - The lady who gave up sitting.

A lady had given up sitting for her work. She is a writer and being myself the one, I know the pain of sitting for hours and finding challenges to stand up and move every time. So she gave up sitting, got a standing work desk and worked on it for a month. The result surprised her and so did to me. After reading it, I was immediately into her shoes. I also gave up my chair and considered a one week target to see how does it feel to work on toes. One week was enough for me to find out the results and here I am...with the record of the last whole week.

Fortunately, I too happen to have a standing work desk. We bought it almost two months ago but hardly used it. Now was the time to give it a full utilization. I fished it out from the room, settled it on my table and started writing the same day I read the article i.e. Friday. I also noted down the changes it made to my work schedule. Thus, here are details of how it worked and how I got a complete hang of it (with pros and cons of course).

Working on toes - A one week journal.

On first day, I felt different and tempted for a couple of times to sit but ignored at my best. I was willing to work in standing position no matter what it takes.

The first reaction was - Getting rid of the guilt of sitting for hours! Nice!!

Post 15 minutes and truth on my tongue, if I was sitting, I would have snoozed (was not able to sleep properly last night because of work stress). But standing helped me to roam around very easily and ditching the tough shot of snooze. After sometime, I was back to work. Post 35 minutes, it started to work effectively. I was finally super awake and could work better and faster. Roamed while thinking over scenes with hands in the pockets of my pajamas. Made some silly bottle opening sounds while thinking harder (yeah! we writers do it), and sat on my swing whenever I needed to. It felt a little tough to stand for work especially when you are so much habituated of sitting for years. So I sat for sometime and then stood up for work. It's easy and very feasible. Can maintain body posture. Can now easily perform light stretching as well. Years of reading articles about stretch yourself while at work keeps you active is finally paying off. I now feel wonderful! Sometimes, I also prefer to play music while working. No more body stooping or neck strain sort of issues (that happens with sitting work lifestyle). Finally sat down after two and a half hours. It felt great to be able to make it so far on the first day itself.

As the rest of the week days passed by, it went on becoming easier to work. There were less speculations and more assurances. I am now glad to work in standing position. It helps me enormously. Got clicked too!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Skinny outfits and us.

As I picked up the newspaper today, a rather bizarre news hogged my eye balls. It was about a 35 year old woman tripping into her jeans, collapsing on the ground and finally ending into the hospital for treatment of Compartment Syndrome. It happened because of the skinny jeans she was wearing while walking into the park. The incident evidently belongs to Australia.

Strange? Isn't it? Cloths are supposed to provide comfort, not neurological or any other type of diseases. Cloths are meant to feel good when put on, not letting us feel trapped in it. But as the case has it, the woman clearly was trapped into her skinny tight jeans that forbid her from walking. To know more about the incident, click here.

Compartment syndrome is a medical condition in which a certain space inside our body gets pressurized way too much resulting in bloating in muscles. The afflicted woman had a continuous habit of wearing skinny jeans. On top of that, she had to squat a lot while helping a relative in shifting. Squatting causes severe pressure on legs muscles and because of tight cloths, the situation may deteriorate. Her jeans had become so tight that doctors had to cut it in order to take it off her body. After a few days treatment, the woman went home fully recuperated.

Now the topic had become quite a piece of debate. Urban women are surprisingly unfazed by it. They say when women trip wearing sarees but still continue to wear it then why ostracize skinny jeans especially? Point is good but here the concern is not the type of outfit we are choosing to wear. It is the way we are wearing it. According to doctors, this woman's case is first of its kind. Such has never happened earlier. But people did wear skinny jeans before and no one complained ever but why NOW?

So the trick is to wear right dress in correct manner. Be it saree, jeans, or any other outfit, make sure your body gets a full access to breathing and an uninterrupted blood circulation. As long as you treat your body right, no outfit is going to hurt you even skinny jeans.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A little run was all needed.

This evening when I was done with my writing, I decided to watch a flick. I love watching movies especially romantic, comedy and sci fi ones. My favorite channel is Romedy Now. I tuned in it and viola! The Holiday was on air and it had just started 20 minutes ago. I have seen this movie for, I guess, 2-3 times yet I am always ready to watch it again. So I settled myself with Bourbon (biscuit) on my swing and became a part of the journeys of Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz).

The movie is simply wonderful and based on a different sort of theme. Iris and Amanda were going through some bad patches of life and they needed to go far far away from their abodes. Thus, they landed on Home Exchange website which allowed people to exchange their homes with someone else say for some vacation (in this case, the Christmas holidays). Iris and Amanda got in touch and switched to each other's homes. Iris (currently in England) moved to L. A. (Los Angeles) to Amanda's home and Amanda (Currently in L.A.) moved to England to Iris' home. Things went by so differently that those two week holiday span turned out the best holiday of their lives. No, no. I am not going to bring on more spoilers here, buddy. Go watch it yourself. You will enjoy it for sure.

At one point, Iris took on a very important decision of her life while being in Amanda's house. This was something she should have done 3 years ago but she did it finally. And when she did it, she felt free. She felt awesome. She felt....gumption. That moment, I felt the same adrenaline rush. I also felt that I too need to do take a significant decision of my life to make my time more worthwhile and less complicated. Thus, I did. Though it is kinda a personal decision so I can't share it but that doesn't matter. All that matter is that...

I too have the gumption. I too feel free.

As soon as I was done with the movie, I put on my newly bought black colored half jacket, threw my hair open and headed downstairs for a pleasant walk. Bangalore is just getting more and more seductive by each passing day. Once it embraces you, you won't have the guts to leave it. I plugged in some music and ran down for my walk. The wind was crazy!! And it felt so much liberating. I felt the wind passing through me, not past me. I felt as if every pore of my body has become receptive to life and I am alive all over again. It is something you can say a crazy feeling but it's worth having it! If you have ever felt like this then only you can understand what do I mean. It is certainly not crazy. It is just life rushing through me at the time I most needed it.

As I went down, I saw two little twin girls having a walk. They belong to one of my neighbors. I really enjoy being with those girls. They are naughty, bubbly and cheerful least to say. So I took off my ear phones and decided to play with them. I made them do a little jog around the whole campus. They enjoyed it so much that it made me laugh for several times. In the meanwhile, the wind blew my hair like a crazy passionate lover. I loved it! I enjoyed every moment. I loved the weather and felt thankful for my luck to be in a city like Bangalore. The weather is the best thing you can find in here.

Monday, 22 June 2015

The weekend get away.

The last weekend of ours was a wonderful delight. We went to meet some of our friends over dinner and ended up having a night out at their place. It was a fun night filled with lots of chit chats and bouts of laughter. Boys argued over political parties while girls discussed firsts crush, future dreams and other sort of girle things. Altogether, it was great to have such impromptu night stay.

In the middle of everything, I looked around silently. People laughed as they chatted. Made some good jokes as well as pathetic poor ones. Smiles were generously in sight. And, there was some real essence of friendship and concern for one another. I truly value friendship a lot! I believe it to be the most special relationship anyone can have with someone. If you have friendship, you ought to spend life with much more positivity and good health.

For dinner, we had pizzas and garlic breads from Domino's and burgers and strips from KFC. As there is no KFC around my place and my immense love is totally dedicated to KFC's paneer zinger, the moment I had the first bite, I was straight sent to the heaven. Its taste is truly finger lickin' good. Then we had other things and all of us ended up with over fed tummies and lethargic bodies. We talked until it was four in the morning. We then kicked ourselves to beds. We could only leave after breakfast and some more fun talking the next morning. The body was screaming for some more rest but after coming back, some chores were there to perform topped with a kid's birthday party in the evening to attend. In the midst of organizing things and catching a nap, Sunday finally called itself to the end.

The week started on a good note. I worked good, ended up writing more than I had expected from myself for the day. It is truly a bliss when I work on my work. There is no pleasure compared to the fulfillment of getting work done that you deeply love. Long sentence?! Never mind. Now let me go catch a good night sleep. Hope rest of the world is also at peace.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Celebrate the fitness festival - World Yoga Day.

Tomorrow, June 21st, is internationally declared as Yoga Day. I call it The Fitness Festival. Since our honorable prime minister has recognized the significance of Yoga in his daily life, he has now encouraged the whole world along with him to practice it as a routine. I truly can not thank him enough for being so considerate at this point. To mark the importance and love to our historical method to stay fit, let's celebrate it through out the year and every coming ones.

My fitness festival happens almost daily. Jogging followed by several Yoga asanas (poses) + general exercises. The whole segment lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours. Sometimes it goes up to two hours! I love it when it stretches for a couple of hours. My work outfit gets altogether sweaty and I love that at the end. It evidently shows how much effort I love to put in for my fitness. Sometimes I cheat and put my alarm on snooze but mostly, I love my fitness regime planned by my own, adjusted according to my schedule.

(A small pie - Tomorrow is also Father's Day. My father is very happy with me waking up in the wee hours and my exercise routine. I guess making him happy is the best thing I can ever do in my life.)

But many of us do not have either enough motivation or time to perform Yoga/exercise. So here are some few arrows for them to follow to the goal. Let's get started...

Set a date/time.

If you happen to plan to start exercising the next day but helplessly put your alarm off every morning and head back to snooze, you are simply not designed for an instant kick out. You need a date to be set. Like you take resolution/s every year. Just the same way. Set a date say by next week or next month on such and such date, I will start my fitness festival. This will help your mind and body to get prepared in advance. And then all you have to do is to stick to your promise. Things will work out.

Fitness classes.

This is for lazy bums. Almost 1.5 years ago, I had to join Aerobics classes because I was miserably failing at my work out plans. Nothing worked out in my favor and I was gaining weight like anything. Thankfully I am blessed with a good height so even if I put on weight, it's hardly noticeable. In fact, it adds up to my charm. But that time I did not want to be added with anymore charm and then decided to opt for Aerobics. It worked so ridiculously! Within 4 months, I had lost almost 5.5 Kgs (that's ~ 12 lbs). My trainer was super thrilled and very delighted to see my dedication. Music and cool steps do not even let you notice that you are strenous and exercising. Just enjoy them together and viola! You are fit in no time.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Say it before it's too late.

Let me whip a little story for today.

Two friends meet after years and thus, resuscitated what once was a good friendship. The girl and the boy both feel the connection better this time. As time grew up in days and months, the girl gets emotionally attached to the boy. They both are fond of each other but one day, the girl has to leave. Both of them feel terrible but there is no other choice to place foot on. Finally the girl leaves to come back never and thus, the story ends...with their depart.

It is painful for the girl to leave. Being a girl calls for an extra bucket of emotions. She is bubbly and loves to make the boy smile and laugh. The boy also feels good with her. There is a certain kind of attraction which can not be defined. They enjoy the connection i.e. talking, laughing and fighting together but as it was destined to happen, separation brings the story to fruition. The girl sobs inside with pain for having to leave a friendship which in her term was being beautifully nurtured. She cradled it in her heart but when it broke, it oozes nothing but unimaginable amount of pain and despair. At the other end, the boy is also sad somewhere. He misses her.

For the girl, it is not the separation that caused her the pain. Yes. It did but moreover, it was something that she wanted the boy to say but somehow, he never did. Whenever she spoke of leaving, he never ever said Don't go. We will work out something. Or, Stay! She had fought for her friendship but at the end, she was left with an unsolved gaping hole somewhere in her.

She writes a journal later on where she scribbles something like this -

Finally a bond has put on end. A story has come to its destination which, probably, could have been beautiful. I will miss him and it hurts to even think that I am now not able to reach out to him anymore albeit all those talks and little things will stay with me forever.

As a human, he is wonderful and amazing. Sometimes he talks gently but sometimes goes crazy. As a whole, he is a beautiful human being and I am gonna miss him dearly. 

Its truly hurt to be gone but what did hurt me the most that, he never ever said, even for once, to not not to leave. I wish though he could say that sometime. Not that I was in the position to stay but because it feels good to listen and understand that someone whom you cared about and fought for does not want to let you go that easily; that someone cares for you enough to hold on to the relationship you are bound with. I really wish he could try to make me stay at least once.

Why people do not say it on time when few words are all someone needs to hear? Or, may be he never wanted me to stay. He really was never much inclined towards our friendship as much as I was! Otherwise he would have said something. Isn't it? He is so gentle, kind and beautiful. I love his smile. Now I am not there to see it anymore. I am not there to make him laugh anymore. 

There is actually nothing left to say much. But I wish I could ask him why he never fought for us? That why you let me go so conveniently? Why he never said, "Don't go, girl. Stay"? I so wish sometimes. Or, may be it was not about the end. It was about the story instead. At least this may cushion my heart with some warmth I need.

But past everything, I heartily wish him a lifetime happiness and especially, the peace of mind that everyone deserves. If not me then at least he can afford to have some. With all of my love...The girl.                             

Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Notebook moment.

I was watching a movie called The Notebook this afternoon. It is a fabulous movie where an old man tells an old woman a story of a girl and a boy. The old woman is suffering with dementia and she tends to lose her memory any given time of the day.

There was a moment in the movie that touched me deeply. The boy in the story is named Noah and the girl is Allie. They meet during Allie's summer vacation and fall in love quickly than they could blink. Their love is enormous and inseparable. But as the summer ends, Allie is forced to go back to New York with her parents. Noah and Allie depart. Time flies away and years pass. Allie fall for another man named Lon. He proposes and she says yes. On the other part of the world, Noah is still suffering with his love for Allie. He spotted her with Lon the other day and since that day, he just can not bring himself to peace. However, he has Martha, another woman who, I guess, loves him but as destiny has it, Noah's love for Allie prevents him to feel happy at heart. He even constructs a house exactly to the liking of Allie (when she had spent her summer with him). One day, Allie sees Noah's picture in a newspaper and memories flood her. She goes back to him and slowly, their muffled silent love for each other returns. They spend the whole of days and nights together.

Now this is the moment I felt deeply. One morning, Martha decides to give Noah a visit because she hasn't listened from him for quite a sometime. She comes at the door and Noah opens it. She gets the idea that the woman he loves is back and somewhere inside the house. Noah suggests it would be a bad idea to introduce her to Allie but just when Martha was about to turn away, Allie comes right outside. She sees Martha and greets very warmly. I could see the poles apart difference between the expressions on both the women's faces. Where Allie's eyes looked completely peaceful and lips stretched into a content smile, right there Martha's eyes had tears of pain and smile revolting a twist in her heart. That twist belonged to losing Noah. She too loves him, you see.

For this particular moment, I was glued to my seat. It is just another piece of a film roll yet the feelings felt so real. Even in real life, some Martha's loss can be some Allie's gain or vice versa. Love is just surprising. Isn't it? It gets back to you when you least expect it and when it does, you have nothing but your own world embraced in your arms right then and there. The movie is very subtle and if you haven't watched it, please do watch it someday (and my apologies to give away some spoilers here).

By the way, I ended up crying my eyes out as the movie proceeded to finish. Well...I was just living the moment.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Bisexuality is not a *thing*!

When Miley Cyrus announced she is a bisexual, it came to me as a wonderful news. Later, I did some research on internet about Bisexuality and found very interesting articles to understand its nature in more comprehensive and detailed ways. Just before I start on the subject, let me tell you Miley is not alone on this bisexuality bandwagon. There are lot many other celebrities who have come to terms with their sexuality and confirmed it in media later on. A few names - Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Cynthia Nixon, Lady Gaga, Clive Davis, Billie Joe Armstrong, Megan Fox and the list goes on... They are as comfortable about their sexuality as heterosexuals. Well...what can I say? Bravo? Well done? Yeah. Sure. They showed the courage to accept themselves in a world where there is a high society one way pressure to feel straight and only such species are accepted as normal people.

What is Bisexuality?
Bisexuality is when a person is physically, emotionally and sexually attracted to other male, female, transgender or genderqueer, gay, and/or lesbian.

In some countries like India, bisexuality is still suffering with many myths, society confrontations and conservative culture. Especially for teenagers, it is hard to accept the fact because society has always ostracized bisexuals. Cynthia Nixon (The sex and the city star) has said she could not be opened about her bisexuality because society just wouldn't accept it. It will dump its rash and anger on her absentmindedly. She kept mum about it until one day, she decided to share herself in media.

On the other hand, Angelina Jolie and Drew Barrymore had enjoyed themselves being around women. Barrymore says loving another woman is like exploring her own self but through someone else. Jolie says a woman gets to learn how to do things in a particular way if she knows how to pleasure another woman. Interesting statements? Aren't they? It is truly a wonder to see they can be so open about their physical intimacies and sexual preferences despite of being celebrity faces but it must have been really tough for them.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Getting rid of guilt pangs for working parents

Let's face it! Being as a working parent comes with more cons and less pros. If there is no one to accuse you verbally then the mind is enough to prick you with numerous guilt pangs and accusations. But still you work! Because work is as significant to live with as family. No judgement on that! Absolutely not.

A while ago I was reading this Indira Nooyi's interview (a very interesting eye-opening piece) and it got me intrigued. So a thought of writing a post fusing it with my own experience and what do I really think on the matter hit me. The idea sounded pretty great in my head. So here I am...talking on the subject without any guilt.

Stop blaming yourself.

First and the foremost, the concept of having a perfectly balanced professional and personal lives does not exist. You may strike an almost near perfect balance but given the demands from both the lifestyles, absolute perfection can never be achieved. At one or the other front you will always be lagging behind. So stop accusing yourself. Accept that you can not be present for Parent-teacher meeting and the board meeting at the same time. Choose the more inevitable one and send your spouse or any other family member to attend the PTM (because no one can give your presentation at the board meeting but you).

That's what the article says!

Finding alternatives is a good idea!

Trust me! Finding solution to the issue is way better than Finding Fanny (a bad joke I know but smile anyway). Let's look at some...

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Is this the end of Maggi era?

Since last few weeks, we all have been facing a big crisis. At least I am. The crisis has fondly coined as Maggi fallout.

Maggi has not been just any noodle brand. It has got associated with us in several ways. The famous (or now infamous?!) just two-minute jargon continues to live on. Reportedly, Nestle has been the first ever company introducing instant food item. Since then, Maggi has captured millions of memories and has truly made up for some wonderful times in each of our lives. Sharing a big bowl of Maggi with siblings at my native, swooping in while I kept writing, when the kid had gone hungry, as dinner for multiple times, or simply when taste buds went wanton demanding something spicy yet fulfilling to the tummy; these are just few strips of memories made from Maggi noodles. These and many more are still fresh somewhere back in mind. By the way, I always preferred having my bowl of Maggi with 2 or 3 bread slices.

But now that my favorite noodle has found to be loaded with lead and way more equipped with MSG than recommended levels, it is tough to pick the same yellow-red packet again with the same blind trust and a smiling face. Not only the brand has affected but also the way I had been looking at instant food articles. With such unexpected fall out has come a very genuine concern -

Are other brands safe? Can I go and pick them blindfolded?

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Vishakha's laudable stand on her 'nice boobs'.

As I sit on my table to write, somehow I found myself browsing through my FB and other pages on the first hand. We all are helpless by the way. Checking on updates seems like a warm up prior to work. I haven't switched to internet all day and now that I have, I bumped on a very interesting piece-

Vishakha Singh's stand for the guy who said she has 'nice boobs'  (click the link to read more about it)

Bollywood actress, Vishakha Singh, who has worked in 2013 movie Fukrey posted a very simple picture of hers where she got a very provocative comment...

Nice looking and nice boobs.

Well...that explains the mind set of the guy who wrote the above comment. In exchange, Vishakha backfired with...

‘Mr MD Mustakim Saifi, 1) remove that innocent child’s picture as your dp. 2) have the guts to put your own profile picture . And then comment. 3) Nice boobs. I know i am a woman.. And for your general knowledge, Yes, All women have breasts. Your mother, sister, wife, grandmother, aunts, daughter, friends. All of them included. Do you walk up to them and say ‘nice boobs’? Feel sorry for you. Have the guts to say it on my face?? Else, get off my page’.

Monday, 8 June 2015

5 simple tricks to put 24 hours on good use.

Facing the same 24 hours everyday can be tough at times but changing the way you use it can make a real difference. I recommend doing simple yet effective tricks to make the most of each day.

Go out.

An outing splashes a fresh bucket of water to the walls in your mind. Seeing different people, new and old things, various sized shops and endless number of vehicles changes the way we look at things. We get distracted! Researches says, a different ambiance plays a huge role in getting over the monotony of life. So what are you waiting for? Head out next time to make few hours really interesting.


You think it is a very natural obvious thing that is being done every day? Talk but to different kind of people. That's the trick. Talking to the people with varying number of experiences involves a lot of attention and the best use of time. You can learn as well as share your anecdotes. It often works when you think the day is drowning. Different people hold the ability to make you happy in different ways!


One of the best ways to utilize free time and get the muscles toned up. I basically end up working out for almost two hours in the mornings but I actually enjoy every bit of it. I don't get tired. In fact, I push myself harder to get a particular pose right. And at the end, I feel enormously happy. So gear up for an exercise session. It elevates the happy hormone, that is serotonin, and you feel much better about the day.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Everything's okay, everything's all right!

Everything's okay, everything's all right!
Nothing seems out of order
Nothing has lost its sight;
Everyone's singing their song
They do dance 'round the corner
Then why things look distorted?
Why looking at trees makes me cry?
Why a flower can't give the comfort
And why this world sulks deeper?
May it's just me who is troubled,
May be it's just me who is a blur;
Everything's right at its place
But nothing makes sense;
Weather is lovely
But I am stressed and tense;
Feels like something is missin'
Something is not here
where it should have been;
What's that? I don't know;
A tear drop runs down
I hurry to hide it
or hide myself...not sure;

Everything's okay, everything's all right!