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A leisurely thought.

How does it feel to work on toes? Amazing!

Last Friday, I bumped into a very interesting and thought provoking article. I was immediately into giving it a shot. You can read the article here - The lady who gave up sitting.

A lady had given up sitting for her work. She is a writer and being myself the one, I know the pain of sitting for hours and finding challenges to stand up and move every time. So she gave up sitting, got a standing work desk and worked on it for a month. The result surprised her and so did to me. After reading it, I was immediately into her shoes. I also gave up my chair and considered a one week target to see how does it feel to work on toes. One week was enough for me to find out the results and here I am...with the record of the last whole week.

Fortunately, I too happen to have a standing work desk. We bought it almost two months ago but hardly used it. Now was the time to give it a full utilization. I fished it out from the room, settled it on my table and started writing the same day I read the artic…

Skinny outfits and us.

As I picked up the newspaper today, a rather bizarre news hogged my eye balls. It was about a 35 year old woman tripping into her jeans, collapsing on the ground and finally ending into the hospital for treatment of Compartment Syndrome. It happened because of the skinny jeans she was wearing while walking into the park. The incident evidently belongs to Australia.

Strange? Isn't it? Cloths are supposed to provide comfort, not neurological or any other type of diseases. Cloths are meant to feel good when put on, not letting us feel trapped in it. But as the case has it, the woman clearly was trapped into her skinny tight jeans that forbid her from walking. To know more about the incident, click here.

Compartment syndrome is a medical condition in which a certain space inside our body gets pressurized way too much resulting in bloating in muscles. The afflicted woman had a continuous habit of wearing skinny jeans. On top of that, she had to squat a lot while helping a relative in s…

A little run was all needed.

This evening when I was done with my writing, I decided to watch a flick. I love watching movies especially romantic, comedy and sci fi ones. My favorite channel is Romedy Now. I tuned in it and viola! The Holiday was on air and it had just started 20 minutes ago. I have seen this movie for, I guess, 2-3 times yet I am always ready to watch it again. So I settled myself with Bourbon (biscuit) on my swing and became a part of the journeys of Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz).

The movie is simply wonderful and based on a different sort of theme. Iris and Amanda were going through some bad patches of life and they needed to go far far away from their abodes. Thus, they landed on Home Exchange website which allowed people to exchange their homes with someone else say for some vacation (in this case, the Christmas holidays). Iris and Amanda got in touch and switched to each other's homes. Iris (currently in England) moved to L. A. (Los Angeles) to Amanda's home and Ama…

The weekend get away.

The last weekend of ours was a wonderful delight. We went to meet some of our friends over dinner and ended up having a night out at their place. It was a fun night filled with lots of chit chats and bouts of laughter. Boys argued over political parties while girls discussed firsts crush, future dreams and other sort of girle things. Altogether, it was great to have such impromptu night stay.

In the middle of everything, I looked around silently. People laughed as they chatted. Made some good jokes as well as pathetic poor ones. Smiles were generously in sight. And, there was some real essence of friendship and concern for one another. I truly value friendship a lot! I believe it to be the most special relationship anyone can have with someone. If you have friendship, you ought to spend life with much more positivity and good health.

For dinner, we had pizzas and garlic breads from Domino's and burgers and strips from KFC. As there is no KFC around my place and my immense love is…

Celebrate the fitness festival - World Yoga Day.

Tomorrow, June 21st, is internationally declared as Yoga Day. I call it The Fitness Festival. Since our honorable prime minister has recognized the significance of Yoga in his daily life, he has now encouraged the whole world along with him to practice it as a routine. I truly can not thank him enough for being so considerate at this point. To mark the importance and love to our historical method to stay fit, let's celebrate it through out the year and every coming ones.

My fitness festival happens almost daily. Jogging followed by several Yoga asanas (poses) + general exercises. The whole segment lasts for 1 to 1.5 hours. Sometimes it goes up to two hours! I love it when it stretches for a couple of hours. My work outfit gets altogether sweaty and I love that at the end. It evidently shows how much effort I love to put in for my fitness. Sometimes I cheat and put my alarm on snooze but mostly, I love my fitness regime planned by my own, adjusted according to my schedule.

(A smal…

Say it before it's too late.

Let me whip a little story for today.

Two friends meet after years and thus, resuscitated what once was a good friendship. The girl and the boy both feel the connection better this time. As time grew up in days and months, the girl gets emotionally attached to the boy. They both are fond of each other but one day, the girl has to leave. Both of them feel terrible but there is no other choice to place foot on. Finally the girl leaves to come back never and thus, the story ends...with their depart.

It is painful for the girl to leave. Being a girl calls for an extra bucket of emotions. She is bubbly and loves to make the boy smile and laugh. The boy also feels good with her. There is a certain kind of attraction which can not be defined. They enjoy the connection i.e. talking, laughing and fighting together but as it was destined to happen, separation brings the story to fruition. The girl sobs inside with pain for having to leave a friendship which in her term was being beautifully nu…

The Notebook moment.

I was watching a movie called The Notebook this afternoon. It is a fabulous movie where an old man tells an old woman a story of a girl and a boy. The old woman is suffering with dementia and she tends to lose her memory any given time of the day.

There was a moment in the movie that touched me deeply. The boy in the story is named Noah and the girl is Allie. They meet during Allie's summer vacation and fall in love quickly than they could blink. Their love is enormous and inseparable. But as the summer ends, Allie is forced to go back to New York with her parents. Noah and Allie depart. Time flies away and years pass. Allie fall for another man named Lon. He proposes and she says yes. On the other part of the world, Noah is still suffering with his love for Allie. He spotted her with Lon the other day and since that day, he just can not bring himself to peace. However, he has Martha, another woman who, I guess, loves him but as destiny has it, Noah's love for Allie prevents …

Bisexuality is not a *thing*!

When Miley Cyrus announced she is a bisexual, it came to me as a wonderful news. Later, I did some research on internet about Bisexuality and found very interesting articles to understand its nature in more comprehensive and detailed ways. Just before I start on the subject, let me tell you Miley is not alone on this bisexuality bandwagon. There are lot many other celebrities who have come to terms with their sexuality and confirmed it in media later on. A few names - Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Cynthia Nixon, Lady Gaga, Clive Davis, Billie Joe Armstrong, Megan Fox and the list goes on... They are as comfortable about their sexuality as heterosexuals. Well...what can I say? Bravo? Well done? Yeah. Sure. They showed the courage to accept themselves in a world where there is a high society one way pressure to feel straight and only such species are accepted as normal people.

What is Bisexuality?
Bisexuality is when a person is physically, emotionally and sexually attracted to other …

Getting rid of guilt pangs for working parents

Let's face it! Being as a working parent comes with more cons and less pros. If there is no one to accuse you verbally then the mind is enough to prick you with numerous guilt pangs and accusations. But still you work! Because work is as significant to live with as family. No judgement on that! Absolutely not.

A while ago I was reading this Indira Nooyi's interview (a very interesting eye-opening piece) and it got me intrigued. So a thought of writing a post fusing it with my own experience and what do I really think on the matter hit me. The idea sounded pretty great in my head. So here I am...talking on the subject without any guilt.

Stop blaming yourself.

First and the foremost, the concept of having a perfectly balanced professional and personal lives does not exist. You may strike an almost near perfect balance but given the demands from both the lifestyles, absolute perfection can never be achieved. At one or the other front you will always be lagging behind. So stop acc…

Is this the end of Maggi era?

Since last few weeks, we all have been facing a big crisis. At least I am. The crisis has fondly coined as Maggi fallout.

Maggi has not been just any noodle brand. It has got associated with us in several ways. The famous (or now infamous?!) just two-minute jargon continues to live on. Reportedly, Nestle has been the first ever company introducing instant food item. Since then, Maggi has captured millions of memories and has truly made up for some wonderful times in each of our lives. Sharing a big bowl of Maggi with siblings at my native, swooping in while I kept writing, when the kid had gone hungry, as dinner for multiple times, or simply when taste buds went wanton demanding something spicy yet fulfilling to the tummy; these are just few strips of memories made from Maggi noodles. These and many more are still fresh somewhere back in mind. By the way, I always preferred having my bowl of Maggi with 2 or 3 bread slices.

But now that my favorite noodle has found to be loaded with l…

Vishakha's laudable stand on her 'nice boobs'.

As I sit on my table to write, somehow I found myself browsing through my FB and other pages on the first hand. We all are helpless by the way. Checking on updates seems like a warm up prior to work. I haven't switched to internet all day and now that I have, I bumped on a very interesting piece-

Vishakha Singh's stand for the guy who said she has 'nice boobs'  (click the link to read more about it)

Bollywood actress, Vishakha Singh, who has worked in 2013 movie Fukrey posted a very simple picture of hers where she got a very provocative comment...

Nice looking and nice boobs.

Well...that explains the mind set of the guy who wrote the above comment. In exchange, Vishakha backfired with...

‘Mr MD Mustakim Saifi, 1) remove that innocent child’s picture as your dp. 2) have the guts to put your own profile picture . And then comment. 3) Nice boobs. I know i am a woman.. And for your general knowledge, Yes, All women have breasts. Your mother, sister, wife, grandmother, aunts…

5 simple tricks to put 24 hours on good use.

Facing the same 24 hours everyday can be tough at times but changing the way you use it can make a real difference. I recommend doing simple yet effective tricks to make the most of each day.

Go out.

An outing splashes a fresh bucket of water to the walls in your mind. Seeing different people, new and old things, various sized shops and endless number of vehicles changes the way we look at things. We get distracted! Researches says, a different ambiance plays a huge role in getting over the monotony of life. So what are you waiting for? Head out next time to make few hours really interesting.


You think it is a very natural obvious thing that is being done every day? Talk but to different kind of people. That's the trick. Talking to the people with varying number of experiences involves a lot of attention and the best use of time. You can learn as well as share your anecdotes. It often works when you think the day is drowning. Different people hold the ability to make you happ…

Everything's okay, everything's all right!

Everything's okay, everything's all right!
Nothing seems out of order
Nothing has lost its sight;
Everyone's singing their song
They do dance 'round the corner
Then why things look distorted?
Why looking at trees makes me cry?
Why a flower can't give the comfort
And why this world sulks deeper?
May it's just me who is troubled,
May be it's just me who is a blur;
Everything's right at its place
But nothing makes sense;
Weather is lovely
But I am stressed and tense;
Feels like something is missin'
Something is not here
where it should have been;
What's that? I don't know;
A tear drop runs down
I hurry to hide it
or hide myself...not sure;

Everything's okay, everything's all right!