Monday, 11 May 2015

The quest of eyes.

A night of wide eyes
Fully awake with lips smiled
They chuckle
Refuse to shut lights
Ornery to play a little more
Just five more minutes
Just give me a bit more;
Time is never a constraint
Has never been!
Have spent fully awaken nights
And fully drunken days;
Nights who never slept
And days who hardly crept;
So I enjoy The Eyes' request
And let them enjoy their quest,
The untimely, the unspoken
the unanticipated, the only bespoken;
Where world sleeps in its cocoon
They enjoy their own feathery spoon
The spoon of light, of energy
And the spoon of scary synergy;
I love it anyway
I adore them every way;
Who I am to stop their plight?
When they do nothing but to allow me -
To see, to feel, to sense and to spiel;
I was never their master 
They were never my slave
I care for them 
That is why - 
They choose to let my sight stay!

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