Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The 'I will be there' magic.

I would not be writing this post if I had personally not felt the power of these simple four words -

I will be there.

I felt the power not because the person who said it to me stood by my side that moment but because that person did not. It was then only I could immensely felt myself tearing further apart seeing the spot empty (where that person was supposed to be) and standing by my side all alone made me shudder. Funny as it sounds, the greatest feelings touch you the deepest when you don't get them in return no matter how much is said in favor. Ever felt that?

Long story cut in short, when you say "I will be there", mean it from the whole of your heart. Because you don't know how much hope, and how much courage these words plant in one's sinking heart. You have to be there where you said you would be! Even if it looks a simple gesture to you but trust me! A needing soul wants nothing but the honest presence of a good heart. If you can't make it, convey it as soon as possible. Your sudden unexpected absence might leave next patch of scars that would probably be very tough to shake off.

So be there. Stay on. Hang on to your words. If implementing faith, swear by your words. A happy soul created means a little more shine on the halo above your head.

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