Thursday, 14 May 2015

Priyanka Chopra's stunning 'Quantico'.

Just saw Priyanka Chopra starring Quantico. An excerpt copied from Wikipedia:

Quantico is an upcoming American thriller television series, created by and executive produced by, Joshua Safran with Mark Gordon, that set to air on ABC. It revolves around a group of young FBI recruits, who are training at the Quantico base in Virginia. (To know more, click on Quantico anywhere).

First of all, it's really striking to see our very own Bollywood stunner, Priyanka Chopra, nailing right in the center. It's simple but a damn serious example of inspiration on and about how one can cross seven oceans and all the borders and delight a space right where she deserves. I am not being a typical feminist here but seeing Priyanka (by the way, I am her namesake to shush out loud :)) acting as natural as her best, I am literally in awe with her. She has done a job way beyond commendable! She walks with a tiara that has got scribbled on top 'Show-stealer' with such an ease that does not shout her being an outsider or not belonging to the place. Her magnetic persona has easily blended itself well with the rest of the crew people featuring in it like honey in my green tea. I just loved her in the trailer. Some of the pie pieces as give away:

"Think about why you're here. As an agent, if you can not be honest with yourself, how can you get the truth out of anyone else?"

Take one more- 

Guy: 'Nice to meet ya'

PC: 'C'mon! We just had sex in your car six hours ago!'

Guy: 'I thought you would not want anyone to know that'

PC: 'Why not?' (Loved her reply)

Sadly we, the Indians, would not be able to see when the show hits TV screens. Hopefully, we get to download it as a consolation trophy (which, if happens, can only be possible after months or say years!!) in nearby future. From now on, she is my all time favorite.

One more link that features 11 Indian females serving a strong palette of inspiration, perseverance, creativity, strength and so the other virtues of a pulsating heroism is given below. By the way, I love Sushmita Sen and Deepika Padukone the most for sticking to their stands whole life. Salute to all of'em!

11 Strong Bollywood Actresses 

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  1. Priyanka was my fav too from the time she started acting (I mean I cannot cling on to Rekha forever)
    As for the movie, I am surprised that there is no hue and cry so far from our "moral pundits" that our Bharatiya nari is doing such scenes etc etc.
    Talking of actresses, I think Deepika has scored a few extra points when compared to the other two in "Piku" (and she has done it with ease)


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