Sunday, 10 May 2015

A dollop of love and familiarity

So today was (read: is) Mother's Day. For me, everyday is dedicated for my loved ones but when a specific day is marked, I don't hesitate to express myself to them. Ergo, I called up my mother this morning and cheerily wished her the occasion. She mocked me in reply:

Don't wish me without a gift!

I laughed and assured her of one very soon. I am yet to go online shops and find the very best suitable gift for her but I will do it. She is the best and she deserves nothing but something like her.

Then the day went terribly busy. But this terrible was beautiful. Our friends came over with their family for lunch. We have such a great camaraderie that none of us wants to leave whenever we meet and greet. What added a special touch to the occasion was my husband's idea of bringing a delicious cake today and dedicating it to all the mothers in the house. It was a really serene moment when our husbands cheered for us and made us feel special. Apart from their smiles and frequent camera clicks, the cake was supremely delicious and we all ended up clearing the whole batch!

Then we had lunch and later in the evening after tea, male figures dipped themselves completely into the swimming pool while the us, the female figures, preferred to dip only our beautiful legs in water. It was a cool evening with tepid water. Our lovely guests had planned to leave by six while the pool and extra inch of fun ate one more hour. Finally when they left, only the beautiful lifelong cherish-able memories filled the walls of our house.

If family and good friends can't make the best of your time then who would? The day was special and our friends turned into an extra special one. We laughed, we chatted, and fell for a nap after heavy lunch (they all adored every dish by the way. I am a happy soul:)) and then again the cycle was repeated with cheery voices and the glow of familiarity. All in all, I had a very lovely day today not only in terms of being a mother but also as a friend. Hope you had a great Sunday too!

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