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Priyanka Chopra's stunning 'Quantico'.

Just saw Priyanka Chopra starring Quantico. An excerpt copied from Wikipedia:

Quantico is an upcoming American thriller television series, created by and executive produced by, Joshua Safran with Mark Gordon, that set to air on ABC. It revolves around a group of young FBI recruits, who are training at the Quantico base in Virginia. (To know more, click on Quantico anywhere).

The 'I will be there' magic.

I would not be writing this post if I had personally not felt the power of these simple four words -

I will be there.

I felt the power not because the person who said it to me stood by my side that moment but because that person did not. It was then only I could immensely felt myself tearing further apart seeing the spot empty (where that person was supposed to be) and standing by my side all alone made me shudder. Funny as it sounds, the greatest feelings touch you the deepest when you don't get them in return no matter how much is said in favor. Ever felt that?

Long story cut in short, when you say "I will be there", mean it from the whole of your heart. Because you don't know how much hope, and how much courage these words plant in one's sinking heart. You have to be there where you said you would be! Even if it looks a simple gesture to you but trust me! A needing soul wants nothing but the honest presence of a good heart. If you can't make it, convey it …

The quest of eyes.

A night of wide eyes
Fully awake with lips smiled
They chuckle
Refuse to shut lights
Ornery to play a little more
Just five more minutes
Just give me a bit more;
Time is never a constraint
Has never been!
Have spent fully awaken nights
And fully drunken days;
Nights who never slept
And days who hardly crept;
So I enjoy The Eyes' request
And let them enjoy their quest,
The untimely, the unspoken
the unanticipated, the only bespoken;
Where world sleeps in its cocoon
They enjoy their own feathery spoon
The spoon of light, of energy
And the spoon of scary synergy;
I love it anyway
I adore them every way;
Who I am to stop their plight?
When they do nothing but to allow me -
To see, to feel, to sense and to spiel;
I was never their master 
They were never my slave
I care for them 
That is why - 
They choose to let my sight stay!

Never stopped being myself a canvas.

In the standing still
This moment has so much going on
Where the world has gone eye shut,
My writing has kept movin' on...
Two days or three may be;
It has been since I recited
A poem or a piece
On my digital canvas
Yet it feels nothing alike
Yet it feels that -
I have never stopped being myself a canvas;
The mind croons,
It sings, it portrays, it plays
It splashes, it creates, it drools
Several scenes, numerous plots,
Endless twists and nth slots;
Like it stops at nothing
Like it will ever stop at anything
Like a speedy train, hard to recover broken brakes
But easy to pull off its racy tracks;
Blurring the speed is,
Maddening the scenes are
Yet it feels it is my only heaven
Where I live, where I reside
This is my abode
This is my only Side
My writer self is the only Me
I identify
My selfish writer self is the only Me
Which I only rectify.

A dollop of love and familiarity

So today was (read: is) Mother's Day. For me, everyday is dedicated for my loved ones but when a specific day is marked, I don't hesitate to express myself to them. Ergo, I called up my mother this morning and cheerily wished her the occasion. She mocked me in reply:

Don't wish me without a gift!

I laughed and assured her of one very soon. I am yet to go online shops and find the very best suitable gift for her but I will do it. She is the best and she deserves nothing but something like her.

Then the day went terribly busy. But this terrible was beautiful. Our friends came over with their family for lunch. We have such a great camaraderie that none of us wants to leave whenever we meet and greet. What added a special touch to the occasion was my husband's idea of bringing a delicious cake today and dedicating it to all the mothers in the house. It was a really serene moment when our husbands cheered for us and made us feel special. Apart from their smiles and frequent…