Thursday, 2 April 2015

The little moon.

This evening when I went up to the terrace for my routine book reading, I find the sky erupting with marvelous sun rays peeping out through dark shady clouds. The evening was bit more of a sultry dip but the simple sight of the sky outdone its parching heat. I couldn't resist myself and tried to capture the nature's play. Here is the piece that I managed to took away.

It's beautiful. Isn't it? As I kept staring at the nature's dance, I realized or moreover say, I was reminded that - There is light behind every darkness. Much like the picture above. The sun rays bouncing through the dark shady clouds refer to the similar concept.

Then I procured a spot and sat down to read my book After reading few stories, I suddenly looked up in the sky. I noticed another fascinating sight. It was The Moon. The moon was silently tiptoeing out of a reasonably average sized cloud. It emerged as a little piece of cake and soon turned into a big round radiant circle. I was fascinated to see its birth. It stayed unabashedly for some time. In the mean while I noticed the entire diminished blue sky was awash with dark, grey, and smoky clouds everywhere and then I looked back at the moon again. It stood so different! It was probably the smallest part of the sky yet it stood on its own. The light orang-ish  and cream-ish moon made its own identity among several big clouds. Before I could please my eyes more at the sight, the moon gradually mingled with a floating cloud. 

For my amusement, I thought about the conversation it may be carrying with the cloud. It might be saying, 'Hey! I am having a party with my star allies. Care to join us?' and then I shook my head with a smile.

The moon clearly had created its own niche among the entire sheet of sky. It didn't need a hovering size or sickening light. It just hung there with its peaceful radiance with the size as small as a tennis ball. It stayed aloof for sometime and then managed to mingle with the crowd (the clouds). Guess the moon is a social star which loves to mingle with others.

It was altogether a nearly perfect evening to my book reading. The moon showed how to stand out even in the crowd.

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