Wednesday, 1 April 2015

On Being Single

It didn't bother me that I wasn't hanging around with friends, playing games or just chatting. I had me and it was enough.

This is the little excerpt from the book I am reading. The book is entirely based on Single People and how do they lead their lives. Stories are real and words come alive as the particular person talks through his or her anecdote. Basically, the book is supposed to give a nice and thorough peek inside all of its writers. And as I begin reading, I realize the efforts put together to compile such book is commendable.

For the major chunk of this world, it is truly hard to imagine that a person can find happiness and peace in the theory of being single. They say, we need someone with whom we can share love and other passions of life; with whom we can start up a journey called life and with whom we can wait for our last breath. And they are not wrong! It is indeed warming to have someone beside us who can put up with everything and still stand tall next to us no matter what. I have a family and I know no life beyond its limits. For me, my family is my world.

But the book has urged me to think about single people. What happens when the bills come up and they are too busy with jobs to pay it up? When sickness calls for? Whom do they turn to in need of a 2 AM chat? How do they get bank tasks done without any help/say? These and some other questions prick relentlessly. But the answers lies within the perimeters of the start up lines of the post.

I had me and it was enough.

This single line contains enough power to deliver the boundless expression of joy and freedom. When you are single, you can do whatever you want and that too without any interference! You can eat your favorite snack at 3 AM or can read a book through out the day. At least I'd love to do that; that doing nothing but reading books through out the day with a bowl of my favorite maggi/green tea next to me. So being single comes with a huge platter of myriad choices topped with oodles of freedom.

So if you are single and particularly enjoy being like this, don't let the world get into your head. Everything comes with two faces. You just have to choose the more comfortable one and stick to that.

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