Monday, 27 April 2015

My father and my newly awakened love.

Almost two weeks ago, I picked up on drawing/sketching. Not a new hobby to go gaga about but something that I have always enjoyed doing but never took on a serious note. Since childhood, whenever I got my hands on sketching, I loved doing that. I get totally immersed in lines, strokes and shades. But the reason I did not realize it has been another feather in my hat all along because I never thought of giving this wonderful art an edge. Probably that is why some or many of our talents go unnoticed because either we don't know we have them or we hardly think to pursue them with an extension of perfection.

But I have thought of taking my this secret sketching act to a long journey during which I could gain perfection along with happiness. So this was the sketch I did few days ago (along with few others)...

Fortunately the reflection of my own turned out nice. But I know I have to learn a lot more to call myself an artist. Anyway, I shared the above with my family and every one of them adored it. Two nights ago, my father was nothing but all praise about this and me getting such new art. He wondered and encouraged volumes out of me to continue the good work.

The happiness and amazement that his voice carried literally took me off guard. I never thought he would like me doing sketches this much! What to say my dear? I was on cloud 9. I just listened to him and his wonderful positive encouraging words and all of them filled me with immense pleasure and satisfaction. In my life, I want nothing but to keep my parents happy and proud and I keep working on it day in and day out.

Today I am unwell. Had some outside snack last Saturday and fell sick at 3 AM on Sunday. Since then, I am having bouts of weakness and body aches. Really hard to recover. That is why I have thought of not to work on my story today and to proceed for doing my newly found love - Sketching. Writing consumes a lot of energy and while writing this post, I feel it again. Doing what you love gives you a quicker recovering process.

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