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Suppandi on paper

I was sick today and I had promised myself to make the best out of every hour. So taking a break from writing, I made these. Not a very tough ones but superb part of learning. I love each one of them.

The character is a very popular one from my childhood and still continues to be so. He is Suppandi. A very funny guy with hardly an iota of brain. Because of his silly innocent mistakes, readers adore him till to this date. I love him too.

My father and my newly awakened love.

Almost two weeks ago, I picked up on drawing/sketching. Not a new hobby to go gaga about but something that I have always enjoyed doing but never took on a serious note. Since childhood, whenever I got my hands on sketching, I loved doing that. I get totally immersed in lines, strokes and shades. But the reason I did not realize it has been another feather in my hat all along because I never thought of giving this wonderful art an edge. Probably that is why some or many of our talents go unnoticed because either we don't know we have them or we hardly think to pursue them with an extension of perfection.

But I have thought of taking my this secret sketching act to a long journey during which I could gain perfection along with happiness. So this was the sketch I did few days ago (along with few others)...

Write one on World Book Day.

The little moon.

This evening when I went up to the terrace for my routine book reading, I find the sky erupting with marvelous sun rays peeping out through dark shady clouds. The evening was bit more of a sultry dip but the simple sight of the sky outdone its parching heat. I couldn't resist myself and tried to capture the nature's play. Here is the piece that I managed to took away.

It's beautiful. Isn't it? As I kept staring at the nature's dance, I realized or moreover say, I was reminded that - There is light behind every darkness. Much like the picture above. The sun rays bouncing through the dark shady clouds refer to the similar concept.

On Being Single

It didn't bother me that I wasn't hanging around with friends, playing games or just chatting. I had me and it was enough.

This is the little excerpt from the book I am reading. The book is entirely based on Single People and how do they lead their lives. Stories are real and words come alive as the particular person talks through his or her anecdote. Basically, the book is supposed to give a nice and thorough peek inside all of its writers. And as I begin reading, I realize the efforts put together to compile such book is commendable.

For the major chunk of this world, it is truly hard to imagine that a person can find happiness and peace in the theory of being single. They say, we need someone with whom we can share love and other passions of life; with whom we can start up a journey called life and with whom we can wait for our last breath. And they are not wrong! It is indeed warming to have someone beside us who can put up with everything and still stand tall next to us n…