Monday, 16 March 2015

Work it out, buddy!

Recently we got to meet two of our friends. As we conversed, I complimented her saying she looks slimmer. She accepted with a polite smile. I asked the reason (because earlier she had told me how daunting it is for her to do work outs on her own and she was bit concerned about her weight gain too). She said there are regular work out classes in her office! On straining more on the type, she said it is mixed bag. There are aerobics, yoga and zumba happening on different days and she enjoys each one of them equally.

As amazing as it sounds, equal is the surprising element in it. Not everyday I hear about companies being concerned about their employees and cover an extra mile just for the sake of their health by making fitness classes mandatory inside the office premises. But if offices start doing so, it will be an added plus huge advantage not only for the employees but also for the organization as well. According to a survey, six our of ten employees feel more productive if they are indulged in work outs like yoga and aerobics during office hours. Also, they feel more satisfied at the end of the day. It means introducing healthy work out strategies in offices may result into -

  • better physical and mental health
  • increased stamina
  • enhanced problem solving competencies
  • topped up confidence
  • less stress
  • improved attitude
  • excellent team building skills, and
  • reduced post-lunch dips (need of snoozing after lunch)
And not to say a happier face like my friend's. Above all are just few benefits to mention but there are much more to gain by losing some calories. Employees who are regular with their work outs, drip with higher energy levels and easily come to terms with notorious Professional and Personal life balance as well. They tend to find an equilibrium between how to keep the boss happy and simultaneously keeping the home a sacred place in an easy manner. Exercise can help a great deal by maintaining the positivism and a good healthy ambiance surrounding the work place.

I believe starting work out classes for office employees is a very thoughtful and considerate step. Even if the organizations do it for their own benefits, it is always helpful to shake the body in rhythm. Work outs that tend to go with music can sprawl into enhanced results because body is very much receptive for melodious tunes. The mind instantly gets refreshed listening to fast paced songs and happens to respond instantly. That is why people who join musical work out classes such as aerobics, and zumba, they are more likely to last for longer, seem to enjoy the sweating and quickly get fitter in comparison to those who go without music. I have also done aerobics for months and know how much enjoyable and fun it is to dance and hop as per the tunes. Light music also merges perfectly with work out styles such as Yoga. It also helps with sustenance.

The basic idea is...if your office has started work out classes, pick them, stick to the basics and maintain the routine. Do not shy to join them. A 30 minute work out can bring a better you on board.


  1. Now a days many of the IT companies have an attached gym

    1. Yeah but they haven't made exercise mandatory for employees. Here I have talked about making work out classes as part of their office schedules.


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