Monday, 2 March 2015

The Demon of Darkness

I have felt the darkness!
It felt lonely,
It felt empty,
It was like a demon had engulfed me!

A demon of hopelessness,
A demon of distraction,
A demon made of fake smiles,
And a demon glazed with burning eyes!

Often I slipped into a shell,
Exposed to no one but to my own dark spell;
No one absolutely no one was in sight
When I cried for someone to be there as might!

World doesn't care as long as you smile,
It doesn't care as long as you look fine,
But it hovers the moment you cry,
It frowns being questioned for having a spine!

People who looked dearly to me,
People who shook hands to me,
People who shared multiple laughs with me,
They were absent when darkness engulfed me!

'Where am I?' I often thought,
Am I still alive or just about to depart;
Life slipped far away in pieces,
And I found myself a derivative of stitches!

Wounds that were never there in golden times,
Bruises that never hurt in happy times;
I found them in existence all of a sudden,
I reeked as I did not know how to handle!

A ray of light, just a single ray of light,
Was all I needed;
A casual hug or even a simple smile,
Was all I prayed!

But no one took me by surprise,
And my silly tears paid the price;
As I nudged them to take a pause,
To sit with me with no legitimate clause;

I'd have ended myself,
I'd have sliced my wrist,
Or, better hanged myself,
Life didn't come running back to me,
Hope didn't rush to assign a task to me.
This Life is all I have,
This Life is everything I have,
To love, to care, to enjoy myself;
Coz I was never alone, 
Coz I was never left behind;
I was always there with me,
I was always there to cuddle me,
In every dark moment, 
In every shining twinkle;
Yes! I am a winner.
Yes! I was never a loser.
Coz I have challenged every battle,
With my deployed armors of - 

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