Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Something that money can't buy. is my birthday. And it was a beautiful special day for me not only because of whole loads of wishes and blessings I received but also because I made it a bit extra special by my own way. This is what I did...

Hubby and kid were at their respective places (office and school). I was all alone at home. I was kinda feeling bit alone. I craved for someone to make my day special because occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, others make it special for you. But here I granted a twist to my big day. I thought if not others then why I myself can not make my birthday special by doing something nice? But the next question arose was...But what? Like eating out? Shopping? Buying gifts for my own self? These options were instantly sidelined because I wanted to do something that money could never buy; something that would go priceless. But again...what?

I mulled over it for sometime and came up with a nice idea. People who loved and cared enough to call and wish me, I said not just a simply thank you but expressed my gratitude in a special way. As a humble thank you, I told each one of them how much they matter to me and what things I have learnt from them. All of this with added touch of Thank you for being there and I love you a lot. And the response I received was overwhelming. I called my parents first. I talked to my father and collected his blessings. Then I said thank you in my own way. When I said I love you a lot, Pitaji! (we are little shy expressing ourselves like this but it felt really good doing that), he laughed, said thank you and responded with I love you too!

Yay! I was truly glad to hear that. The same I did with my mother. She was surprised but took my words sincerely to her heart and was delighted hearing good about herself. Then the procession of wishing birthday kept going on and I succeeded telling my beloved ones how much important they are for me. It felt deeply nice doing that. Seeing people listening good words about themselves made them smile unexpectedly. In fact, my bhabhi reciprocated the same thing. She also told me what things she has learnt from me. It was wonderful seeing that. When you receive warmth and blessings wrapped in wishes, you can also express your gratitude in a special, extravagant way by telling those people how nice they have been to you and how much you value them. It will be a step which no one would ever be expecting you doing. In short, my idea turned out extremely well (beyond my expectations, if truth to be told) and I made several lives happy today.

I also missed my one friend. I missed her so much that I literally cried in the morning. It has been almost seventeen years since I have seen/met her but still...she procures a very special place in my heart. She is the single person who made me understood the real essence of friendship; such essence that has been impossible to find somewhere else so far. I just missed her so much today!! But I wish loads of goodness for her. She will always be special to me.

On the other string, I got to re-connect with a wonderful friend. I am so glad he called to wish me with lots of goodness and happiness. He is really a nice person. I told him as well that he is special to me. I'd like our friendship to continue. I also wish him volumes of happiness, joy and success.

But the first person who wished me was my husband. I used my idea to say thank you but as it is bit personal, I will let it remain rather enclosed in my heart, however, he was glad to hear my words.

Life is so beautiful when a number of people love you and carve time out just for you to make your moment/day special. I also tried to make their time special by doing something that money can't buy. I also treated them with Happiness. Happiness is a priceless emotion/feeling that can never be bought anywhere. I really am thankful to all of them. Thank you for being there! I love you all!

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